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Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon In Leo….Get Ready For Emotional Purging!

Sunday into Monday, depending on where you live, we are experiencing a very dramatic Full Moon in Leo.  On the East Coast, it takes place at 12:16 AM, Monday 1/21.

Even though this Full Moon/Eclipse technically occurs on 1/21 , it is felt sometime before and sometime after,  you best believe.

This is a Lunar Eclipse/Blood Moon, which is a fancy way of saying that this is a Full Moon on steroids!

A Full Moon happens when the Sun is opposite the Moon.

This highlights the polarities (opposing forces) in our lives.

These polarities are of an emotional, physical and spiritual nature.  It can be one area or all three, and each Full Moon will feel different based on the sign and planetary aspects surrounding the Moon.

Awareness and emotion reach their peak and are heightened around Full Moons.  This is why we feel more edgy and anxious around these times, sometimes not even being able to sleep.

I don’t know about you but I have really been feeling this energy the past ten days….phew.

Full Moons are about culmination and release.  Everything comes to a head under this energy.

Particularly,  since this is an Eclipse- there is no escaping what your heart is telling you. 

Leo rules the heart, after all.

At the end of the day, our souls just want us to be happy.  Not ‘ok’, not ‘indifferent’, but happy.  

Eclipses are a gateway for us all into the past, present and future.  Emotionally, physically and spiritually, fated events and encounters are highly likely around these times.  It is also a time for deep contemplation and reflection- a ‘celestial checkpoint’, if you will.

This is a North Node Eclipse- meaning , very much connected to our future, laying the ground work for where we know we need to go to grow.

It is time to clear away the old and outdated ways of thinking, doing , and being so that we can achieve enlightenment.

*Do you know your chart at all?  Depending on where this Eclipse falls, there is a specific area of your life where you will feel this energy the most.  Our birth charts are not a coincidence…..

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Here’s more on this energy below.  Take good care of yourself, and ride the waves – don’t let them knock you over.

Peace & Love,


Much Love,


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