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I had an interesting experience recently, while in session with a young woman.

During her reading, we discussed karma and the manifestation process. This provoked a lot of contemplation on my end, and is the inspiration for this post.

The healing that occurred and was acknowledged by her during our time together, was profound.

This is only one of the many reasons that I love what I do!

First off, I’d like to share that as a psychic and an astrologer my sessions get quite interesting, even for me.

Yes, I plan to do the astrology consultation but more often than not, the session invariably turns to connection with loved ones in spirit (mediumship), and quite a bit of predictive information and validation.

While I am a very competent and accurate astrologer that has been studying and practicing for decades, I am truly a psychic first.

Clairsentience is one of my stronger abilities meaning, I feel and perceive the energy of you, of your soul, of your loved ones and this is how I am able to deliver accurate information and validation.

All of this to say, I just cannot turn the psychic channel down or off when it comes to astrology, and I would not have it any other way!

As I am digging into your soul map (astrology chart) I am also channeling the information meaning: you have a direct line to your angels, guides and loved ones as I do to mine. I will not make things fit for you, they either do or they do not (insert Yoda voice).

Back to manifesting: last week, I worked with a lovely young woman who I have worked with before. She is beautiful, intelligent, self-sufficient and strong. This woman has achieved much in her forty-something years on this earth, and she has done a lot of self analysis and shadow work in the process.

While financial abundance is easy for her, relationship abundance is not. This past session as we went over her soul map and current transits again, we hit a topic regarding her personal relationships and the epiphanies were paramount.

As I explained to her my interpretation of what she is carrying with her from previous lifetimes, her eyes grew wide. She said that it explained her feelings of being ‘cursed’ in the romance department.

“No, you are not cursed” I explained to her, rather, “you are delayed and it is karmic”.

Karma is not good nor bad, it simply is.

Karma is consequence from actions in this lifetime, and more significantly, from previous lifetimes. Our soul carries these imprints, and it can get heavy and extremely frustrating in this lifetime.

This my friends, is where the magic begins to take place.

Our frustration, our awareness, leads us to delve into and develop, deeper insight into the psycho-spiritual underpinnings that seek to define us.

We all have challenges that show up in our birth chart, our destiny and our every day reality. More often than not, we have a certain area of our life that no matter what occurs, we just can’t seem to get it right.

This is karmic. These are soul driven patterns.

Having said that, we also all have the power to rewrite the script, and transcend the karma. I believe that strongly, though very difficult at times, even downright painful.

Like the saying goes, diamonds are made under pressure, right?

“Manifest what you desire”. “Speak it as it already is”. “Manifest at the New Moon”. “Where attention goes, energy flows”.

You have likely heard it all, and even from me at that. YES, I believe strongly in the manifestation process. Strongly. After all, words carry vibration even the ones we don’t say out loud.

Our thoughts, emotions, words and truest soul-deep intentions? They all carry energy, vibration and this is why speaking them and writing them into existence is so powerful and works!

When we have clarity and purpose to what we desire, it is easier to see it manifest. When our desires are convoluted? We often do not recognize, or are not happy in the way, when and how it may show up.

Looking at this differently, what if what you are trying to manifest is not for the highest good of your soul?

What if it is not appropriate for your truest well being? What if this is not your soul purpose or lesson? Highest calling? Most abundant path?

What if your soul path (karma) requires you to be delayed in this one area? Not denied, but delayed.

There’s something freeing about viewing it this way. This is where I say “trust, surrender, allow”. “Let go and let God”.

Remember that your soul also needs to experience lack, confusion, sadness, pain etc.

I know, I know, I don’t like it either and believe me I’ve had my soulful reality slaps here as well. We can’t change the karma, but we can certainly continue to work through it and seek the higher guidance.

In your soul map (birth chart) we can determine who you were before, and how it worked out for you, or did not. We also can determine who you truly are today, and where are you not showing up in full totality.

Most important is that we also determine why, and through this awareness we find ways to help you to untie some karmic knots.

As far as manifesting goes, this may explain why certain things have not come into fruition for you.

Looking at this from a deeper perspective: what if they are not meant for you in this lifetime? At least, not in the way you are expecting?

What if that which you are gunning for, what if the universe has something much greater in store for you when you drop the expectation of what should be?

Think about how many times you look back at a disappointment, only to recognize that you ended up in an even better place for you.

Sometimes better than you ever could have imagined.

This is why when manifesting it is always important to add “for my highest good” OR “for the highest good of all”.

Remember though, your heart and intention will need to align with your manifestations.

After all, we cannot outsmart the powers that be. 😇

Much Love,


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