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Mercury Makes Its Last Retrograde Round Starting Tomorrow- Time For Reflection

2017 is on its way to a close, can you believe it?

Mercury, ‘The Messenger Of The Gods’, is about to begin its last retrograde cycle of the year.

It is retrograde from 12/3-12/22.

A lot of people look at the retrograde period as a nuisance, an inconvenience.

Let’s look at the retrograde period as the gift that it is!

A time that the universe awards us to slow down, to stop and smell the roses.

Reflect, Reassess, Realign.  That’s what Mercury Retrograde is all about.

2017 is wrapping up, about to come to an end.  With that, we are all wondering ‘where has the time gone’?

What have we accomplished?  What has shifted?  What has began , what has ended?

As Mercury rules all forms of communication, this is a time for quiet reflection rather than action.

As this retrograde cycle begins on the same day as the Full Super Moon in Gemini, which is also ruled by Mercury, this really enhances the effects of this retrograde and the need to tread lightly.

However, this is not a bad thing!  I actually feel that this Mercury/Super Moon in the sign of Gemini will have things more on the light-hearted side.  Remember, Gemini loves to have fun!

Still, as will all the retrogrades, err on the side of caution as communication and technology blunders are more likely to happen.

The desire to communicate is super strong right now, yet communication is super sensitive.

Be sure to choose your words very wisely right now.  Emotions are heightened, we are much more touchy.

Watch your words, but more importantly watch your thoughts as they have power!

Mercury rules the mind- and mind over matter.

The internal dialogue that runs through our minds needs to be kept as positive as possible to avoid burn-out and unnecassary stress.  The holidays can be stressful enough!

When it comes to Mercury Retrograde, it is best to not instigate important conversations or to make major decisions, major purchases, or to sign contracts- if you can avoid it.

If you cannot avoid it don’t stress- just pay extra close attention and all should be well.

The themes of this retrograde due to planetary alignments with Saturn, have us all in the habit of critical and negative overthinking.

The energy is wonky right now, and really being felt as we have several planets in fire signs, which is fueling our internal fire.  This gives us the urge to get out there and get moving- to do something, to create.

Yet this Mercury/Saturn/Neptune combo has us feeling like we are being held back, like we are wading through quicksand.

Very annoying, to say the least.

On the positive side of this, we can apply the severe over-thinking to areas that we wish to learn more about.  As mental activity is at its peak, why not use it constructively?

Be conscious of your internal dialogue as I mentioned above.  Know that the potential to be really depressed and down on ourselves is strong due to this retrograde cycle, and the fact that we are facing the end of the year compounds that fact.

When we are in a negative head space and we bring that to our interaction with others, abruptness in communication occurs and offense is taken.

Again, be mindful of what you are speaking and how you are speaking it.

Rather than focusing on all you do not have, try and keep the faith while looking forward towards what you do have, and what you still wish to accomplish moving into 2018.

Remember: ‘Just like the moon we go through phases’!

Meaning- we may have weeks and days where our energy meter is high and we can get so much accomplished!  Then we have weeks/days/months even, where putting one foot in front of the other just seems so very challenging.  Embrace, honor and accept that!

No two peoples journey is the same and it does no good to compare yourself to others.

Bottom line is that Mercury Retrograde typically brings communication and technology breakdowns, anxiety and travel delays.  Typically.

The best advice right now is to remain positive and aware.  Stay present and just remember the potential for confusion and minor annoyances is around us.

Forewarned is forearmed.

Furthermore- don’t lose your cookies if travel plans get messed with, messages are not received, and things get jostled around.  It happens, and as funky as it can get,  just finding the humor in it all works wonders.

Mind over matter.

Double-check everything before sending, mailing, etc.

I always suggest thinking and rethinking every thing you say, post, tweet or text during the retrograde- as at this time more than ever, you are likely to send messages to the wrong recipients, say the wrong thing out of anger and have to deal with repercussions that may last a long time, or lose something of importance due to haste.  Just be mindful and cautious.

Watch your words, watch your actions and all should be well.

We also have a Super Full Moon in Gemini tomorrow.  This Full Moon is the last one of the year and is very magical and powerful!

Stay tuned…more on that tomorrow…

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