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Mercury Retrograde 7/8-7/31

Monday 7/8, planet Mercury a.k.a. ‘The Messenger Of The Gods’ stations retrograde in the proud sign of the heart, Leo.

When Mercury is retrograde meaning appears to be moving backwards in the sky, the energy of this planet turns inward, and can cause a few blunders.

Travel, electronics and most importantly, communication can definitely feel wonky and there is stronger potential for mistakes and misunderstandings.

Does this mean do not travel, do not communicate and do not use technology?  Of course not!

It is in fact a great time to reassess, reevaluate and realign yourself and your ‘work’ to take stock for the future.

Once Mercury stations direct on 7/31, you will likely feel a sense of clarity.

This time period is focused on what nurtures us, what makes us feel most complete.

The planets are very active this month and it does affect us!

More details on this retrograde and the energy of the upcoming week, video below.

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