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Mercury Retrograde And Active New Moon Both In Pisces- Trust Your Intuition Now More Than Ever

Today 2/19, the Sun leaves the logical, air-based sign of Aquarius and shifts into the mystical and intuitive water sign of Pisces.

Happy Birthday to all of the Pisces of the zodiac !

We are also right in Mercury Retrograde, the first one of three this year.

Mercury stationed retrograde in Pisces on 2/16, and will move back into Aquarius and then station direct on 3/9.

There is a lot of Pisces energy at the moment.  Mercury , the Sun, the Moon will be this weekend and Neptune which is Pisces ruler is also there.

At this time you can be feeling weepy, nostalgic and perhaps some melancholy as we are ultra sensitive under all this water energy.  Soggy might be the appropriate word.

You may also be feeling extra intuitive, spaced out and creative.

Pisces is a very emotional sign that can be quite the dreamer, and as long as these dreams have some basis in reality, it’s a nice feeling.   

Keep in mind that Pisces energy can also be unrealistic and confusing, ruled by Neptune, so it is up to you to keep your feet planted on the ground.

We have our New Moon in Pisces this Sunday, 2/23 at 10:30 am EST.

This Moon really supports us in envisioning what we are bringing into the next season, the season of Spring.

Ask yourself at this time: what fruit on the trees need to be tended to?  What needs to be cut down, replanted or just needs a little more tenderness for new growth?

Tenderness.  Yes that’s the right word at the moment.

Be tender with yourself, be tender with others and extend kindness and graciousness.

We are all working to build something of significance, even if we are confused as to what that may be right now.

NOW is the time where our dreams, hopes and aspirations have the chance to bear some fruit as we watch, we wait and we listen.

We must still do the work behind the scenes, as daydreaming can and will be hard to avoid as I mentioned above, so use this energy to create a vision board perhaps.

Watch more below.

As always, I am here for you if you are in need of some clarity and enlightenment.

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