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Mercury Retrograde Is Here! Don’t Fret- Here’s What You Need To Know…

He’s baaaacccckkk, and it’s our very first retrograde of 2019!

Mercury, “The Messenger Of The Gods” will be retrograde from 3/5-3/28.

The keywords to remember while Mercury is retrograde are reassess, reevaluate and realign!  Not rethink, regress and refuse, like most may think- it’s really not that dramatic.

While it is true that this zippy little planet (Mercury is the fastest moving planet, orbiting the Sun in a mere 88 days) can definitely wreak some havoc in certain areas of our lives, with awareness we are prepared!

Mercury rules communication, all forms of communication.  Be extra cautious when texting and emailing, be sure these get to the correct recipients.

Mercury also rules travel and electronics..heck, I got booted out of my website three times while trying to write this post! Thank you Mercury.

Mercury rules our nervous system as well– so take care to not go into overdrive and burn out!  Anxiety could be a little ramped up.

This Mercury Retrograde happens in the dreamy and intuitive sign of Pisces, bringing an air of mystical awareness and extra sensitivity with it.

We are asked to go within, to really tune into what our intuition is trying to show us.

We are all intuitive beings, and at this time our internal compass is extremely clear. 

Planet Neptune which rules Pisces, is also in Pisces right now along with Mercury meaning: pay attention to your dreams now more than ever.

Inner awareness is at its strongest- so take advantage of it!

When it comes to important decisions and situations, now is the time to go within.

You do not have to have it all figured out at once, but this is a great time to follow those nudges from your gut.  A time to collect information, to do some quiet work behind the scenes.

Once Mercury goes direct on 3/28- you will be ready to emerge from your quiet place and roll up your sleeves to get moving.

More on the energy of this Mercury Retrograde below.

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5 years ago

Love this, thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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