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Mercury Is Retrograde And We Have A Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius- Buckle Your Seatbelt!

As of yesterday- Thursday,  7/26 Mercury has officially stationed retrograde and will remain this way until 8/19.  Forewarned is forearmed, as any time this planet turns around it does affect communication, travel and electronics.

In other words: pay closer attention to these areas of your life and all should be ok.  This does not mean anything negative will happen, so don’t panic but also don’t push anyone or anything if you don’t have to.  Flow, not force is the theme at this time.

If traveling, leave a little extra time getting to and from your destination.  Remain flexible as delays and weather mishaps are more likely during Mercury Retrograde.

If signing documents , just pay closer attention to everything.  Have an extra pair of eyes looking things over, it can’t hurt, right?

The desire to express our emotions is strong under the sign of Leo, the heart.

Just be sure to take care: this is a time where really digesting your feelings and your thoughts before spitting them out will come in handy, as emotions are hot and hasty.

Mars is also still retrograde, and sitting tightly with this Lunar Eclipse means that it can really encourage combativeness when communicating.

More importantly, significantly enhancing our awareness for better or for worse, today- Friday, 7/27 occurring at 4:20 PM EST, we have a Total Lunar Eclipse/ Full Moon in Aquarius.

This is a Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse, as the Moon will appear to have a reddish hue to those who can view it.  This also happens to be the longest Lunar Eclipse of the 21st century.

A Full Moon happens when the Sun is opposite the Moon.

This highlights the polarities (opposing forces) in our lives.

These polarities are of an emotional, physical and spiritual nature.  It can be one area or all three, and each Full Moon will feel different based on the sign and planetary aspects surrounding the Moon.

Awareness and emotion reach their peak and are heightened around Full Moons.  This is why we feel more edgy and anxious around these times, sometimes not even being able to sleep.

Lunar Eclipses are technically Full Moons, but these Lunar Eclipse’s are emotions magnified, X10!

Full Moons are about culmination and release.  Everything comes to a head under this energy.

Eclipses are a gateway for us all into the past, present and future.  Emotionally, physically and spiritually, fated events and encounters are highly likely around these times.  It is also a time for deep contemplation and reflection- a ‘celestial checkpoint’, if you will.

This also happens to be a South Node Eclipse- meaning , very much connected to past issues and experiences, really clearing away the old, outdated and negative ways of thinking, doing and being.

At least, that is the intention- but the old ways are ‘oh so comfortable’.  That does not make them the best for us though!

The Nodes and Eclipses, are very fated points in our birth charts and in our lives..  Anything is possible under this energy, so pay close attention to whom and what appears in your awareness, and where you are going at this time.

Peace & Love,


Much Love,


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