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Mercury Turns Direct Today! The Current Energy

How is everyone feeling?

Overwhelmed, anxious, stressed and scattered?  Yes!  You are right on schedule.

The key message for this recent Mercury Retrograde has been to surrender, to go with the flow and man has that been difficult.

With all of the underwater Pisces energy we have been experiencing, it has definitely been an emotional tidal wave.

Thank goodness the Sun is in Aries and we have a New Moon coming up in Aries on 4/5, so we will have some cosmic reprieve soon.

Don’t get too comfy just yet!

Yes Mercury goes out of Retrograde today 3/28, but it will be right on top of Neptune -the planet that rules Pisces.  It will remain here for a few more days.

This planet is all about the convoluted, the unclear and the unseen, smoke and mirrors.

While Mercury strives for clarity, Neptune will confuse it all and perhaps keep us bound in illusion.

So you see, we can still not feel quite right.  We still feel energetically heavy.

The best thing to remember at this time is to try and find the spiritual message behind all that has happened, and all that is currently happening to/for you.

Instead of reacting, instead of ‘flipping out’, just surrender and observe.

The answers will come once the smoke clears, as it always does.

Follow your intuition, follow your heart but make sure you are seeing things for how they truly are, and not simply how you wish them to be.

More on the energy, video below.

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Peace & Love,


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