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Mid August Energy Report

Hey All,

Here we are, in the middle of August.

‘As above so below’.

This past Thursday 8/13, we had a strong planetary aspect that took place (which we are still feeling).

Mars which is heat, action, fighting, movement- faced off with Pluto which is deep transformation, skeletons coming out of the closet, and change.

This is about power, control and surrender and will happen two more times before the end of 2020.

More significantly Uranus (the planet of innovation and change, the shape shifting, lightning bolt planet) is stationing retrograde today 8/15 until early 2021.

Before you read the rest of this post, before you go on to watch my video, I invite you to take a moment right here.

Look at this peaceful picture and imagine yourself on this boat, relaxing in quiet contemplation.

Take a few deep breaths, clear your mind and just think about the last month, the last six weeks.

How are you feeling about what is/has been going on for you personally?

Take another deep breath and ponder for a moment how you feel about what has been going on globally.

I invite you to keep this in mind as you listen to my words so that you truly feel them.

If this helps you somehow or brings clarity, hope, awareness?  Then my job is done for today.

No doom and gloom, no negativity….simply truth and enlightenment in a time of potential uncertainty and confusion.

May this provide you with some peace and direction, even if that direction takes you to stillness and inaction.

Much Love,


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