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Mid July Check In✨Powerful Energies Guiding Us Forward

Powerful Energies…All About NOW

On 7/17 The Nodes Of The Moon a.k.a ‘The Nodes Of Fate’ shift into Aries & Libra.

As you may have noticed these last few months, both yourself and those you are connected to have been much more well… fired up! Anxious, emotional, volatile, nostalgic. Are you experiencing up and down emotions, energy all over the place and feeling that something big is about to shift?

Well…it is!

When The Nodes Of The Moon shift, a brand new eighteen-month cycle is initiated. This is also a new chapter of Eclipses in a different pair of signs.

The North Node will be in Aries, and The South Node will be in the opposite sign of Libra from 7/17/23-1/12/25.

When we are dealing with the North & South Nodes, we are dealing with a cosmic and karmic balancing act.

Destiny plays its hand in all of our lives, both collectively and personally as we all have a North Nodes/South Node placement in our birth chart.

On this same day 7/17, we have a powerful New Moon in the tender and emotional water sign of Cancer.

This New Moon energy is inviting us to heal.

Cancer speaks to how we restore and replenish our emotional energies. We do this by allowing our emotions to surface, by allowing them their proper air time.

We have to feel it to heal it.

The sign of Cancer is all about nurturance, our roots. Cancer speaks to family ties, both family of origin and chosen family. When we pull into the Cancer energy, we are channeling what security means for us.

Emotionally, physically and spiritually, we are all here to grow. Under these energies now more than ever, there is a stronger recognition of which relationships are supportive of who we are today, and the ones that are more supportive of who we once were.

Big difference here, you know what I mean?

What I mean is, not everyone in your reality wants to see you grow because your growth scares them. What if you grow around them, not needing them anymore? Or worse yet, what if you grow beyond them, enhancing their insecurities of feeling like they are not enough?

Emotions are messy but emotions are also valid, they are our teachers in this lifetime. There is always a deeper root to the overwhelming emotions we experience, please remember that.

When we continuously suppress our emotions, it can literally eat us up inside. This can even manifest physically as pain in the body, or worse, a chronic condition.

Over the next eighteen-months, all relationships in our lives will be a focus; especially the most important relationship one can ever have…the relationship to self!

This also ties back to the Nodal Shift into Aries & Libra. As we know, it is all connected.

ARIES is the first sign of the zodiac, a true go-getter and self-starter. Aries is all about ME, an individual. Aries energy asks us to channel our courage and blaze our own path.

LIBRA is the opposite sign, and is all about the relationships and connections that we have with others.

Where Aries says “ME”, Libra says “WE”. Libra energy strives for balance, harmony and equality above all else.

In lower vibration, Aries can go after what they want with no regard for others, and this is to their detriment… karmically speaking.

In lower vibration, Libra can say yes just to keep the peace, and they may become resentful. They can resort to passive aggressive behavior, and this is to their detriment, karmically.

There has to be a balance between selfishness (Aries) and selflessness (Libra) as both of these energies have their place. We must learn to integrate these parts of ourselves so that we remain in balance.

Important: we all have Aries & Libra somewhere in our birth chart, even if we do not have planets there! Therefore, in specific areas of life, we can and will see/feel this energy manifest. *Please refer to this video for details on how to locate your nodal axis and be sure to click ‘transits’ if you’d like to know where the Aries/Libra transiting nodes will occur for you.

As we progress through the next while, codependency and independence in relationships will become highlighted. In some cases, we must let go to grow.

We cannot control what the other(s) do (Libra), but we can control how we handle our reaction, our part(Aries).

There is so much more going on in the cosmos and energetically, that is pulling focus onto all relationships.

VENUS (the planet of love, beauty, pleasure, relationships and money) also stations retrograde on 7/22 until 9/3.

Matters of the heart are at the forefront.

Our emotional and financial status will also be at the forefront, coaxing us to review it all.

Remember that REtrogrades are times to REevaluate, REvise, and REalign under the faculties of said planet. In this case, it’s Venus.

Here’s a detailed Venus through Leo reading & Venus’s Retrograde, both generally and by sign. Trust me, you want to know this info!

Please be sure to subscribe to my youtube, I have detailed information on all of these happenings broken up into different videos.

Much Love,


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