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New Event 11/4: What Is My Purpose?

We all come into this lifetime with unique abilities, strengths and challenges. 

Through the planets and the stars, our birth chart is cast.  I refer to the chart  as ‘The Compass of The Soul’ because this is exactly what your birth chart is.

A compass gives us direction & validation, rerouting us when we go off track helping us to navigate the way forward to our true destination.

Think of your birth chart as the compass for your soul.

Astrology is the language of energy, forever evolving and revolving around cycles and patterns.  One thing is for certain though: your soul map does not change!  The planets are what change and they spark energy in your birth chart as they float throughout the sky.  The way you integrate your energy is what can change.

Fate and Free-Will are both very real, but it’s a delicate dance between the two, isn’t it?

When we are following our soul purposes (with an emphasis here on ‘purposes’ because we can and often do,  have many) we feel a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment.  When we are going in the opposite direction of our true north, we can feel empty, exhausted, depleted and unfulfilled.  Something Is missing, perhaps many things, and we can’t seem to shift this.

Cue your soul map.

In this particular group session , I use your soul map as the guide.  I am the navigator using your unique astrology along with my intuitive abilities to help you forward.

In this intimate group setting, connected healing is felt as each one of you receives your messages and validation . 

Validation of who you are, where you are coming from, and where you are meant to be.

There are no coincidences, and when we enter these spaces, you will marvel at the connectedness and the themes of the evening. 

Discovering Your Unique Purpose Through Your Soul Compass A.K.A- Astrology Chart With Lisa Salvatore

Much Love,


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