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New Moon In Mystical Pisces This Saturday…Feel The Love

Have you been feeling all of this slow, intense and extremely sensitive energy as of late?  Chalk it up to the fact that we are and have been under, a lot of Pisces (Water) energy.

If you have a lot of Piscean energy meaning-  you are a Pisces, your Moon is in Pisces or you are a Pisces Rising, you will really be feeling this energy.  

My Moon is in Pisces and I have to say, I have been extra emotional and edgy these last few weeks!

On the positive side Pisces is considered one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac, the sign of the mystic- and as such you may be feeling an increase in that area…the area of the subconscious.

The month of March has us seeing two Full Moons,  (one back on 3/1 and the next one on 3/31) so the energy of build-up and release has had and will have, increasing momentum.

This New Moon is all about the love in our hearts.  Getting back to our center and taking a moment to realign.

Let’s look at this New Moon on Saturday 3/17 as a gift in between the intensity of what we are letting go of, all of our outdated conditioning.

A gift to really go within and do some soul-diving. 

After all, Pisces is a Water sign ruled by planet Neptune a.k.a.-‘The Lord of The Sea’.

This requires us to go underneath, to get to the bottom of what’s really bothering us, what really is holding us back.

You may find that all that is holding you back right now is yourself.

The symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions. This is how we all feel.

We want something but we are at odds on how to get it.  We want to go somewhere, but can’t seem to get our s%^& together to get there.  We feel slower than normal, our mojo is low.

This is Pisces, this is the energy surrounding this New Moon.

Despite the lack of active energy, the exhaustion that we are all experiencing, there are still plans that need to get going.  There is more work to be done.

This New Moon is a mixed bag of emotions due to the planetary aspects surrounding it. 

On one hand, there is a lot of love and harmonizing feelings present.  On the other hand, we are being asked to go deep and feel in order to get to those harmonizing emotions and this is not easy, nor pleasant.

Asteroid Chiron a.k.a.- “The Wounded Healer” is hanging out together with this New Moon (conjunct).

Chiron shines a light onto the darkest corners of our soul.  The area(s) where we suppress the inner child that may be in need of some healing.

You may find that old wounds are resurfacing, circumstances you may have long since ‘forgotten’ about are coming back up to remind you.  There is a purpose to this- these memories.  It is not to hurt you.  It’s time for profound acknowledgement and healing to take place.

Cry, scream, let it all out- this is what Chiron and this New Moon, may very well have you doing-and that’s perfectly ok, in fact it’s encouraged under this energy.

This New Moon in sensitive Pisces is making a square aspect (tension), to planet Mars which is action, passion and force. 

Our impulses are sparked, we want to act but the Pisces energy is slow on the uptake, passive.

This causes a bit of friction within and outside of us.

Be careful of brash communication with others and try and resist the urge to be a know-it -all during a potential conflict.

You may have to fight for what you have, for what you believe in with some authority figures under this New Moon energy.

Stand your ground and take the high road where and if you need to.

Stay in your light.  You know the truth in your soul and nobody can take that away from you.

Above all else stay close to those that love you, those that fill your heart and soul with joy.  Keep positive and have faith in all of your wishes and your dreams.  There is no telling what can happen and you are the co-creator of your destiny, remember that.

Pisces is the sign of the artist, the visionary.  Imagine that this New Moon is a blank canvas and you are holding the paint brush.

What do you desire?  Draw it, write it, speak it, feel it into existence.

Anything is possible, anything. 

Say a New Moon prayer, set your intentions.

Just be sure that when you set your intentions  you do so from a clear, calm and centered space.  Remember this:  the universe in all its glory will always mirror back to you, and send you circumstances which reflect your current vibration.

Happy New Moon!

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