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New Moon In Scorpio Tomorrow- The Darkness Is Transformed To Light

Tomorrow 11/18, as of 6:42 AM EST, we will experience quite an intense Moon in the sign of deep and transformative Scorpio.

First off – what is a New Moon exactly? 

A New Moon technically speaking, represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next 28-day cycle.

With a New Moon the Sun is actually conjunct the Moon which lends to newness, creativity, and manifestation.

New Moons are a very supportive and auspicious time to get new projects started and/or to begin a new way of life that will lead to a healthier mind, body and soul.

With that being said, this New Moon falls in the sign of Scorpio.

Let me be honest- the Moon does not do well in Scorpio.

It is what is considered in astrology, to be ‘in its fall’ while it resides here, in its detriment.

This basically means that it is uncomfortable, and does not feel natural.  It is like a simmering volcano waiting to erupt at the slightest provocation.  You are likely feeling this build up of energy as we speak.

Adding fuel to this already brightly burning fire is the fact that we have three other planets in their detriment as well- where they are not natural and the energy is difficult to navigate.  We do feel this deep in the soul as these are all personal planets.

These are : Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Libra, Mercury in Sagittarius and naturally, the Moon which is in Scorpio.

But like all challenging aspects, there are positives to be found as well.

Bottom line: this uncomfortable energy along with this New Moon is asking us to do some deep soul-diving.

Enlightenment follows.  This is the positive side of the Scorpio New Moon.  Going deep to receive the treasure(s).

Getting down to the heart of the matter of who we are, where we feel we come up short, how we wish to move things along towards the next chapter.  These are all very important questions we are exploring at this time.

This is Scorpio. 

This is private, this is deep and this will be transformative once we embrace what we truly know in our hearts to be true.

The energy surrounding this New Moon is edgy, uncomfortable and unpredictable.

Even though New Moon energy is abundant, it is wise to take care.  Watch your words and watch your actions, but most importantly really watch who you spend your time with right now.

Keep this in mind with all of your interactions.

Be conscious to keep away from those with hot tempers, people that you know are intentionally messing with your, or anyone else’s mind as under this energy they will be on fire.

Those that are typically out for themselves, have an agenda, or wish to cause problems for others will be just itching for more drama.

There are several factors that will add to the already present ‘jumpy’ energy of this lunation.

This Scorpio New Moon has a major hot-button aspect – Mars square Pluto.

Mars is the planet of action, fire, haste and passion.

Pluto is power, taking down what no longer works no matter the cost.  Put these two planets at a harsh aspect right next to Scorpio, one of the most emotionally intense and spiritually challenged signs of the zodiac- and we have some explosive tension.

Those that read my content regularly know that I try not to focus on the dark side.

Thoughts are power, and I try to keep things as positive as possible regardless of what’s going on inside and outside.

Having said that, I do always believe that knowledge is power during critical times.

Make no mistake, it does not take a magician, a genie or a psychic to make predictions about terrorism and the evil that has been taking place all across the world.  Obviously, we need to stay vigilant especially during the second half of this month as this Mars-Pluto aspect is no joke.

The dark side of Mars-Pluto could produce fury and quite possibly, violence.

Let’s keep in mind that both Mars and Pluto rule the sign of Scorpio.  Mars being the traditional ruler while Pluto is the modern ruler.  Since both of these planets are already strongly associated with Scorpio, and this New Moon is in Scorpio, well, it makes this problematic aspect of Mars/Pluto that much more impactful.

It is a clash of wills between action and desire over power and transformation.

On the positive side of this New Moon/energy explosion : the intensity that is felt can most definitely be channeled into personal relationships in a healthy manner that does not involve fighting.

Mars/Pluto is a passionate and sexy combination that could produce fireworks in a good way.

All in all this New Moon should be a creative, magical although intense time.

Use this intensity wisely while manifesting- be sure that what it is you are wishing to manifest is for the greater good of all.

Very important to also mention– Chiron, ‘the wounded warrior’ in astrology, is still retrograde until 12/4.

This means that many are still feeling and dealing with emotional gunk that has come up from the past.  It will be ever so present under this energy and demands to come out from the shadows.

If you have tucked it away back into the confines of your soul, please know that it will come back up at this time.

We are all dealing with this in some way.

The more we stuff it back down, the stronger and harder it will come back.  If you are doing your soul work, then you recognize that although initially painful, there is a deep healing that takes place from facing our shadows, and we all have them.

The perceived darkness can be brought out, and transformed into the light, please remember this.

Stay positive and know that everyone is doing the best that they can with what they have been given mentally, physically and spiritually.

We are all on this ride called ‘life’ together.

Starting next week through the end of 2017- it will be even more intense….. get comfortable with the uncomfortable, and remember- without change there would be no growth!  Stay tuned….

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