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New Moon In Virgo Tomorrow- Healing Mind, Body, Soul

Tomorrow- 9/20 1:30 AM EST,  we have a healing New Moon in the sign of Virgo.

A New Moon represents the end of one cycle, and begins the next twenty-eight (28) day cycle. With Sun conjunct Moon (New Moon) energy, we take initiative, we receive a surge of energy.

New Moons are excellent times to make a fresh start, to begin new projects, to manifest our souls desires.


Each New Moon will encompass different flavors and different energies, according to which sign the Moon falls in, as well as the astrological aspects involved.  

Just like the Sun/Moon polarity, the energies of each Moon cycle will display some contradictory energy.

This New Moon carries over the intentions of the last New Moon, which was the Solar Eclipse back on 8/21.

Intentions set now are a continuation of where we were at at the time of the Eclipse, making the energy lasting and powerful. 

Each Eclipse marks a six-month period of long term goals and aspirations.  Hopefully, you have experienced a glimpse of development for your plans- be sure to take the time to reflect back and take inventory of where you are and what you have accomplished.

This New Moon takes place in the earthy sign of Virgo.  Virgo organizes.  Virgo is practical and logical.

Under this New Moon in Virgo, it is time to put ourselves back in order.

Mind, Body, Soul.

Priortizing our needs, honoring our intuiton, and acting within our best interests are what matter the most at this time.

As Virgo rules the sixth (6th) house of health and service in astrology, these areas are at the forefront.

We strive to create a healthier lifestyle, and are guided to embark on a healing journey under this New Moon .

Steps we take now will set the course for the next phase of our lives.

It is a good time to re-evaluate your daily routine and rituals, see what might need some tweaking.

If you have any physical complaints or emotional wounds that have surfaced over the past few months, this New Moon will inspire you to take action to bring your body back into balance.

Now is a great time to begin to eat a more clean diet, to implement a new exercise routine.  If you have wanted to quit smoking or kick another less -than- ideal habit, you will likely be feeling more motivated at this time to do so.  Don’t waste this energy.


One challenge, yet necessary benefit to this New Moon, is getting out of the ego (mind) and more into the soul (intuition).

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and is all about the mind.  What we perceive to be correct.

Use this New Moon as a guide to release any negative and toxic thoughts that have taken residence inside your mind.

This lunar energy is encouraging us to trust the intuitive nudges we receive and to follow where the soul wishes to take us.  Not always easy, but ultimately, worth it.

Alongside this New Moon, we naturally have some opposing aspects that will challenge us- or at the very least, attempt to challenge us and confuse situations.

Uranus,  which is the planet of shake-ups and unexpected change is quincunx ( meaning inconjunct, not so understanding) to this New Moon.  This lends a feeling of being a ‘fish out of water’ as we flounder to adapt to changing circumstances.

This does not have to be negative as long as we recognize that some adjustments might need to be made to our original goal(s)/plan(s).

This Moon is also opposite Chiron, referred to as  ‘the wounded healer’ in astrology. Chiron is retrograde until 12/22 really exacerbating its effects on us!  Opposite the Moon which is our heart & soul, the guts of who we are at the very core- this aspect is making us extra emotional.

Chiron’s influence with this overall health-conscious, New Moon, is forcing us to take notice of those emotional wounds that have been tucked away in our subconscious.

After all, we cannot heal what we do not acknowledge.

Try and remain as optimistic as you can.  Chiron will bring up the deepest wounds of our past to challenge us , to heal and help us grow.  Stay in your light.

Mercury, which rules this Virgo New Moon, is opposite Neptune- the planet of illusion.

This aspect brings confusion and some internal chaos.  Things appear one way when in actuality, a very different picture is being painted.  

This can refer to world events and does not necessarily have to do with self.  Make sure you are getting your information from a trustworthy source.

Mercury/Neptune opposing this New Moon also has us questioning our own intuition. It may be a little more difficult to discern what is true guidance from our soul vs. what we desire to be true.

Write down any and all impressions you receive at this time.  Go back next week when the Neptune fog lifts and re-evaluate the insight you have received under this lunar energy.

The key to this New Moon is to make some constructive changes to your life.

Focus on your overall health and wellness at this time.

Pay close attention to your work, but also to how you play.  This is equally as important!

Go easy on yourself.

Try and banish the negative self-talk we all indulge in from time to time.

If circumstances change leaving you as if the wind has left your sails, remember-many boats have weathered the storms!  You can and will , do the same.

Change is often painful yet necessary to take us where we need to go.

Use this New Moon energy to get on track, to move forward in a more healthy fashion.

Mentally, Physically, and spiritually.

new moon

I always set New Moon intentions by doing a manifestation circle, sometimes alone but typically with one or two other people.

If you have any questions, please feel free to write me here.

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