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New ‘Super’ Moon In Gemini Today- Just Adding To The Already Frenetic Energy!

Hi All,

I have one word-  intense.  This is the word to describe the energy these past few weeks, and it will continue to feel this way.

Heavy, chaotic, restless, hopeless, helpless, irritated.  All adjectives to properly describe the collective energy as of late.  Empaths and ultra sensitive folks are having a particularly tough time navigating through these murky emotional waters.  Are you feeling it?  You should be and if you are not- then I am seriously happy for you as sometimes I wish I were not so open and affected by energy!  *Unless of course it’s always conducive, which as we all know is not the case!*

On a global scale everything is being stirred up, already causing a lot of uncertainty and chaos both internally and externally.  As Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and information, expect more news to be delivered under this energy.  It just keeps coming!  Stay in light, stay in hope and stay in love.  That is all that we can do- and pray.  Embody the qualities of Gemini right now as much as possible-try and go with the flow.  Laugh, play, socialize, have fun.

gemini new moonTodays new ‘super’ moon is in the air sign of Gemini.  This new moon occurs as of 3:44 PM EST.  This moon is bringing in a lot of buzz and static.  This ‘super’ moon is like all other new moons and is just as much about release as it is about manifesting, except this time what we are releasing and clearing is the energy of this past Scorpio full moon which occurred on 5/10.  The intense and karmic energy of this past full moon really kicked off an emotional energy cluster!

The Scorpio full moon brought up a lot of wounds from the past that needed healing and clearing, and likely still do!  This build up of energy carries right over and up to this high energy new moon in Gemini.  Guess what?  We also have another super moon coming up right behind this one in June, so don’t expect this energy to dissipate anytime soon. Two in a row??!  Yikes, talk about a magnitude of emotion!

Under this new moon, there is a feeling of ‘go go go’, the need to get things done. In order to do this, fluid communication is needed.  Honest and thorough communication- releasing that which is no longer serving us and working for us.  It’s a time to reboot and truly take a look at the way we express our needs and our wants.  It is about bringing in the new and improved that your soul longs for.  Working together with others, cooperation and combining our ideas with them to manifest more positivity.

* I don’t know about you but the past few weeks I have been feeling ‘on edge’ and extra jumpy-I am much higher energy and have more adrenaline than what is normal for me, and that’s typically pretty high!  In my chart I have Gemini rising, which is likely adding fuel to the fire*.

Remember, the moon rules the emotional world in astrology.  That which is not always visible, but it is there under the surface brewing at all times.  The unconscious that wants to, and is calling to become conscious for us to grow, to heal and fulfill our souls true potential.  We cannot do that when we stay stuck in old patterns and ways.  Under this new moon in Gemini, release first, realign and then put a call out to the universe for what you desire.

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