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New Two-Year Mars Cycle🔥

Mars-the planet of action, courage, drive and force.

Mars represents our will, our energy and our warrior spirit. This masculine planet has been deemed ‘The God Of War’ and is how, who and what we fight for, what we stand up for. Mars is competition, sexuality and ambition.

As you can see, Mars rules over many different facets of life ‘down here’. This plays out both individually and collectively based upon Mar’s position in your birth chart, and in the sky.

Mars also rules over the military, the police, weapons, accidents and surgery.

The zodiac signs of Aries and Scorpio are ruled by Mars.

On October 9th, Mars will have his annual meet-up with the most powerful force of energy, the Sun.

When these two come together, a new cycle is reborn.

A rebirth of spirit takes place.

The next two-year Mars cycle begins, and this time it is in the sign of Libra.

Look to your own birth chart to see which sign your Mars falls in. This will validate the way you take action, or do not. What drives you and motivates you and also what holds you back. Your sexuality and what you gravitate toward and are attracted to, are all dictated by your Mars sign.

The cardinal signs will most definitely receive a lot from this transit *Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. Also, any major planets in cardinal signs, especially the Ascendant or Mars.

FYI- Mars also rules over the head, so if you are experiencing more headaches than normal this transit may require more rest and water. Take it easy as Mars also rules inflammation and blood, and this is exactly what causes headaches.

Libra is the sign that rules the legal systems, the laws that we abide by. This is the sign represented by the scales of balance.

Think: ‘and justice for all’.

Libra is contracts and alliances, trade and commerce. Committed partnerships fall under this sign, marriage and open enemies as well.

Injustices will be exposed under this transit, no doubt about it, but more importantly these next two years there will be a lot of fighting for peace and equality (this is obvious).

In some ways, there will be fairness and in other ways it will seem unfair, unjust.

This is where Mars in Libra rears his head…what do you stand for? What do you believe in?

Peace is the ultimate goal, but remember Mars in Libra has to fight a little harder to get to the finish line. This may very well feel contentious, and we are seeing/feeling this already!

Personally, this Mars transit can reveal your own blind spots when it comes to fairness and equality in your reality, your relationships.

Where you allow yourself to keep the peace even when you don’t feel that way, will likely come up . You may not be so content to keep the peace anymore, and start speaking up and making changes. This can be amazing!

You may find yourself fighting for your position in a relationship, a profession, a way of being in the world. Other’s may test your will and your patience.

Remember: eventually Mars in Libra will act.

This can be a very constructive time but remember: Mars energy can be constrictive or destructive! You choose…weigh it out, find the balance, look for the peace.

Mercury is also lining up with the Sun and Mars all at 16° for this triple-conjunction.

The way that we think (Mercury) is lining up with the way that we act (Mars) and illuminating our soul (Sun) for ultimate growth and nourishment.

This can be a beautiful time personally, if you reflect upon your goals and how to be a forceful agent of change in your own reality.

Work hard, take care of yourself and your loved ones and keep the faith 🙏🏻.

Much Love,


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