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New Year, New You. How To Honor Your Soul And Protect Your Energy

We all know that self-care is necessary.

Without it we feel scattered, displaced and ungrounded.  Yet, most of us still fail to heed the warnings that we receive on the soul level that something needs to change.

Our intuition, our soul, communicates with us daily through several different channels.  Most of the time, however, our channels are so staticky from the outside noise that we are not open enough to receive and perceive the information.

Tune in tonight,  Sunday 1/7 at 7:30 PM EST-WVOX Radio ‘New Year, New You Women’s Edition’.  You can listen live by clicking right on this link

*If you cannot listen live and want to hear the show, the link will be posted on this website under ‘Media’ later this week.

With me is fitness guru and personal trainer, Jamie George.  You can find her by following her instagram account

She also posts delicious, easy, healthy and tasty recipes here

As women, we give away a lot of our energy and often do not leave enough time to refill our storage tank!  (This applies to men as well, but this show is specifically geared towards our ladies).

We will be discussing why it is so important to do self-care- mind, body, soul.  Also, some easy tips you can incorporate for a healthier lifestyle overall.

Tonight we will be discussing the physical and spiritual components of energy protection, self-care, and how to get on the road to feeling your best.  Do not beat yourself up as even the smallest of adjustments go a long way!

Let this new year be a start to a healthier year overall.

Cheers to 2018!

If you would like an overview for the months ahead, schedule a session with me here

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