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For The Next Eight Weeks- All Planets Are Moving In Direct Motion! This Is Great For Moving US In Forward Motion…

Remember 2017 when the skies seemed to really enjoy messing with us all?

The moment we may have felt just a wee- bit comfortable: BAM.  Seven planets retrograde (backwards) at once, completely rocking us off our center and left wondering ‘what in the $%^& is going on’?

As of 1/2/18, planet Uranus- planet that rules electricity, sudden revelations and unexpected change, stationed direct.  Meaning, back to its original position.

This now means that all planets are moving forward until March, when Mercury goes retrograde on 3/22.

This now means that we propel forward.  At the very least, the desire is there to do so.

Let’s do this together: Ahhhhh!  Sigh of relief.

Believe it or not, admit it or not, like it or not- this affects us so much on the emotional, physical and especially, the spiritual level.

Our personal energy is absolutely impacted and even altered, with the movement of specific planets at different times.

As the cosmic energy shifts our energy, our cells, scramble to re-align with what is going on ‘up there’.

Remember: we are all simply energy.

*To really understand what and how each planet is affecting you and when, you need to look to your own birth chart, your placements and current transits. To schedule a session focusing on your personal chart click here, and scroll down to the “75 Minute Intuitive-Astrology Session.  These sessions are very enlightening and can truly help you to understand yourself on a much deeper level, as well as a new understanding of the energy that supports you or is more challenging for you.  Forewarned is forearmed!

We are under quite a bit of earth energy at this time (Capricorn).  This is responsible for getting us more serious about setting goals and working a bit harder.

We are more motivated and practical, yet exhausted at the same time as there is still a bit of contradiction in the air.

Bottom line: the stars are supporting movement forward now more than ever!

This does not have to be big strides, but even baby steps help.

Sit with yourself and make a list if you have to.

We have our first New Moon of the year in determined and hard-working Capricorn on 1/16- this is the perfect time to truly set your intentions for the year ahead.  Plant your seeds.

This will be the first New Moon before a series of Eclipses!

Wowza…..2018 is primed to be a great year, with what you make of it!  You and only you, are the co-creator of what’s to come.

While yes some things are very fated, free will plays a huge part on everyone’s path.

There’s a lot going on!  Stay positive and trust where you are on your journey in the present moment, as even the negative has something to teach.

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