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Its Officially Taurus Season! Happy Birthday To My Fellow Bulls

Happy Birthday Taurus!

Today 4/20, lasting until 5/20 is Taurus season, my favorite time of the year for several reasons.  Reason one:  obviously I am a Taurus!  Reason two: I just truly love this time of year.  The days are longer, the sun is brighter, the birds seem to chirp louder. Spring has truly sprung and it just feels good!


Taurus ruling symbol is the Bull- and bullheaded Taurus are!   ( I can hear my mothers voice right now what she has said about me since childhood :) “Lisa always does what she wants”)!

*If your rising sign is Taurus or your Moon is in the sign of Taurus a lot of this applies to you as well. To find your chart placements you can use a free service such as*

As a fixed sign Taurus are very steady and dependable, but also very stubborn!   The element that rules Taurus is Earth, and down-to-earth and logical they are, possessing extreme common sense and rationale.  However, once they are fixated on something just try and change their mind! The bull is obstinate and won’t switch positions quickly or easily.  This sign also has a built in BS detector and are great judges of character.  Taureans seem to operate on one of two speeds: fully charging towards their target, or just simply relaxed. Typically there is no in between.

We are also known for our temper- this sign will take a bunch of Bull-Crap before we blow our top.  But when we do watch out!  The rage comes on quickly, yet subsides just as quickly.  Really though, Taurus have a heart of gold and underneath the tough armor is a person of great strength and character.


Ruled by the planet of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, Taureans are very earthy and sensual.  This sign loves creature comforts and nature.  Good food, good wine and good loyal company is all Taurus really need to be happy. Notice the emphasis on the word loyal.  That’s another famous Bull trait – loyal to a fault.  You don’t have to worry about this sign turning their back on you. When the chips are down you can always count on the Bull’s in your life to be there for you.

At their worst (yes even us Taurus have our tarnished side ? ) we can be lazy, way too stubborn, possessive, indulgent and sometimes greedy and selfish when we want our way!  Due to our role as a fixed sign, we cannot help but to maintain, defend and uphold our positions.  Because of this, we can hold on way too tightly to expired situations and circumstances that are no longer serving us or others.  Fixed signs are always the least welcoming of change!  They are very hesitant to switch away from the tried and true, even to their detriment  ( FYI- other fixed signs are Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius).

 In the Tarot, Taurus rules The Hierophant,-Card Number 5 of The Major Arcana


As a “5”- this card represents a teacher, a seeker of esoteric wisdom.  Symbolically most experts on the meaning of numbers feel that 5s have a strong feminine side with masculine undertones.  This can definitely be seen here with this card.  *All Tarot cards can represent either sex.

The Hierophant is the archetype of wisdom, a pilar of strength.  This is a wise person, someone who gives very sound advice and is a known counselor.  Tradition is also what the Hierophant is known for.  Spirituality also plays a major role with the presence of the Hierophant.  

When the Hierophant comes up in a Tarot spread to represent a person, know that you are dealing with a wise soul- a person of grace and integrity.  I have seen the Hierophant represent Ministers, Priests and Pastors in readings. Commonly this card represents a Marital Counselor or Psychologist as well, and often times,  a Spiritual Advisor & Healer will be represented by the Hierophant.

Make no mistake that this card is ruled by Taurus.  Taureans from a very young age are often known as “old souls”, and people that give great advice.  Quite a few counselors fall under the sign of the Bull, as Taurus truly love helping people sort out their issues, and in turn, helping them to sort out their own!  Most Taurus are also very traditional, and as much as they like to have fun, playing by the rules is just as essential.

While we are under the influence of this zodiac sign for the upcoming weeks, patience and persistence are the name of the game.  Stay calm and collected, and keep working towards your goals.  More importantly: remember to get out in nature!

Everything should feel a little calmer at this time. Remember though- we are still in some sensitive times astrologically, so try not to let your horns come out prematurely!  It will be easy to get agitated, but try to resist the impulse to lash out.

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