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Our First Retrograde Of 2022…Pluto

Pluto is a dwarf planet and furthest from the Sun…but don’t let that fool you!

Powerful Pluto packs a punch, and it would be helpful to get acquainted with yours.

Let me explain why: this planet vibrates at a level that is slow and subtle, yet extremely transformational and transcendental. On the persona level, Pluto seeks to expose a fracture point of ours, to us. Pluto will deconstruct, so that he can reconstruct and bring us to our soul’s deepest truth.

Pluto is all about power and control. Where we relinquish it, where we abuse it or don’t use it at all, our deepest fears, compulsions, obsessions, desires. Pluto has long been associated with death, darkness & decay…but this is also quite metaphorical.

The ultimate end game of Pluto is rebirth. Like the Phoenix Rising, Pluto wants us to rise up to a higher vibration and we can only do this, by slaying the psychological monsters that keep us tied to a restricted story line.

Collectively speaking, it goes much deeper.

As Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 (the sign that rules over governmental structures, amongst many things), we have most certainly witnessed these Plutonian themes of power & control play out.

Going a little deeper, have we not witnessed much sexual exploitation on the collective level as well? Ah yes, Pluto exposes secrets. Skeletons come tumbling out of the closet under heavy Pluto energy!

While Pluto is retrograde (4/29-10/8), we most certainly can expect to hear about those in positions of power being demoted somehow, due to past shady behavior.

Sexual & financial secrets will continue to be exposed.

Here’s a video I did awhile back about the Pluto Return, you may want to take a listen to .

On the personal level, this retrograde offers us the opportunity to go inward and reflect. To get better acquainted with our inner demons, even become friends with them. Perhaps this a time to enter a new form of therapy. All Pluto type things will bode well while he is retrograde.

When we are willing to go there, when we are willing to go deep and feel the vibrations and emotions of pain, loss and fear…we break open and this is what lifts us up ultimately. This is what brings us to sheer authenticity.

Pluto is not bad, trust me; but while he is moving through the last degrees of Capricorn you can bet your bottom that he will continue to bring things up from the bottom!

Remember: we must feel it heal it.

Much Love,


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