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Partial Solar Eclipse In Sensitive Cancer Today! What This Means For Our Emotions….

We have a New Moon/ Solar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer today- 7/12 as of 10:48 PM .

This Eclipse will only be visible from certain parts of Southern Australia, Pacific and Indian Oceans, and a very small part of Northern Antartica.

You may not be able to see it, but boy will you feel it!  

Eclipses are extremely impactful due to the fact that both the Sun and Moon are heavily involved.

There is major emphasis on our life force, our ego (Sun) and our true heart and soul (Moon).

The Sun illuminates while the Moon camouflages.

Since the Sun and the Moon are extremely critical points in our birth charts representing who we really are, anytime we have an Eclipse it is seen as a very important time astrologically for everybody.

You may not be impacted as heavily, but on some level something will shift for you.

Even if it is simply your perspective.

Eclipses tend to emphasize endings and beginnings.  Great changes take place around this Solar/Lunar phenomenon.

Fated events and encounters are highly likely.  

Emotions are high at this time as we go deep into our heart and soul,  as we scour those corners that we prefer to not explore, and unearth that which may have been previously inaccessible to us.

Self-reflection is called for right now and is a must towards true enlightenment.

Pluto, the planet of transformation, is opposing this Eclipse- furthering the release and acknowledgement of darkness, of that which has been hiding in the shadows.

This is not negative, although it will feel intense. 

Remember- Cancer is under the element of Water and Water Runs Deep.

It is ok to go deep at this time, in fact it seems as if there is no avoiding it.

Take good care of yourself and protect your heart, protect your energy.  Pull back where you can afford to.

I recorded this video blog for you below-enjoy.  Be sure to subscribe to the youtube channel if you enjoy the insight!

Peace & Love,


Much Love,


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