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Ascension/Spiritual Awakening- The Physical And Emotional Components To A Spiritual Upgrade

Caution: long post but informative.

*The original date of this post was back in 2016 but applies just as much today.

There are several different terms for Ascension- spiritual awakening , shifting, waking up.

The definition of Ascension is: the act of rising to an important position or a higher level.

For quite some time now, but particularly since the Summer Solstice-we have been experiencing powerful surges of energy in our bodies.

Spiritually, we are awakening and desiring to move towards our true purpose.

On the flip side we are feeling restricted, we feel like we cannot move forward and there is just an overall heavy vibe.

Welcome to Ascension!

Spiritually, there’s a real process involved when we ‘wake-up’, when we become more enlightened and ascend to a higher frequency, a more authentic vibration.

A vibration of unconditional love.  Your heart and soul are aligning and as this process happens energetically you feel it throughout the body. 

Under these energetically charged times, it is difficult to explain or describe what you may be experiencing.  It is my hope that this post helps you in some way, or someone close to you.

I have experienced, and continue to experience, all parts of the Ascension process that I describe below. 

When I first began this journey quite some time ago, I wish I had known what I know now!  But- what better teacher than experience, eh?


No, you are not going crazy, although it may feel like it!

It is happening to many- and has people scrambling for answers.  For guidance, for support, for insight.

We are all navigating our way through these new age energies, through the dark times, and it can be very overwhelming and exhausting.

Learning who you truly are, at the soul level is now more important than ever.  This is not always easy as we face parts of ourselves that have been dormant, likely since childhood.  You need to remember the importance of being gentle with yourself as you are clearing years of outdated conditioning!

As we ascend (rise), we drop all of our vices begrudgingly.  We are forced to face painful circumstances and feelings.

Everything may seem to be falling apart when in actuality, this is happening so that you can make way for your new reality- so that everything can come together for you. 

Remember: on the soul level you asked for this and it is not supposed to be easy!

I have many clients that have gone to the Doctor with all sorts of physical ailments, only to come up with a 100% clean bill of health (thankfully), but it leaves them even more confused.  “So, what is happening and why do I feel this way”?

Physically, what is happening is that your cellular structure is changing to accommodate a higher frequency within the body.  This coincides with the major planetary shifting that is taking place.

Spiritually, what is happening is that you are becoming more aligned with your true self, your soul and your spirit.  This is what we are all really here to do.

It is extremely important to understand that although ascension is an ongoing process, it is not forced upon anyone.  We all have a specific soul path, and ascension may or may not be a part of your individual journey.  Not everyone will experience it in this lifetime.

Ascension can also be gradual or accelerated and you will know by the severity of your symptoms.

So how will you know if you are experiencing ascension?  First off, this post will totally resonate.

As you ascend you will feel like you are shedding your armor, you are not as fearful in general.  Your level of trust and faith in the unseen, in the universe intensifies.

You feel like a different version of who you once wereSomething is different and you can’t quite explain it, but you feel it.

Circumstances that you once tolerated will become intolerable as you get more in touch with your core being.

You may also experience extreme warmth and sensitivity towards others and life in general as your true, compassionate nature is revealed.

*If you would like to skip ahead just scroll down toSome physical symptoms of this process include, but are not limited to’.

*Disclaimer- make sure you get checked out properly by a medical professional before you assume your symptoms are in fact, ascension related.

Don’t worry – there is a scientific explanation provided all the way at the end for those that need it 😉

Spiritual shifts tend to happen right before or after a cathartic event in ones life such as, but not only: death, divorce, the loss of something or someone you loved deeply, moving, job loss or change, etc.

Anything that triggers the soul into a sense of loss of self or loss of joy and purpose- your soul goes into overdrive and sometimes even despair.

This process can also happen just because it’s time, and does not have to precede or follow a massive life change.

Through this process of ascension, our DNA is actually rearranging to become aligned with the new -earth energies.  This process does produce physical ‘happenings’ in the body.

This happens at a rapid rate so it can feel very confusing and overwhelming.  

Ascension symptoms occur on a physical, mental and emotional level.  As your system goes through a ‘re-boot’ it is felt throughout the mind, body and soul.

On the spiritual level, it is all about energy and consciousness.  Becoming more aware.

Let me just clarify, this is not negative although it may feel that way at times.

As a very psychically sensitive person,  I’ve been experiencing episodes of these spiritual upgrades and the physical effects of them for years, and still do!

There have been plenty of times I’ve had to leave the gym or the grocery store, because I felt like I was on another planet.  Days I’ve had to stay home because I felt off and energetically altered, making it extremely difficult to enter the ‘real’ world.  While this is great for my work, it’s not so fun for everyday life!

As I always say, everything is energy.  We are energy.  

Remember: we are souls here having a human experience, not the other way around!

Some physical symptoms of this process include, but are not limited to

-Changes in sleep patterns.  Either you are sleeping very little, or you are sleeping a lot and still feeling exhausted.  Waking up between 2 and 4 AM is highly common during this process.

Even though your body is sleeping, your soul is still working.  This is why you wake up tired.  Remember, the body does most of its healing while you are asleep!  Your cells are shifting and repairing.

 These periods of exhaustion are occurring as our bodies are remodeling and rebuilding rapidly.

-On the flip side, you may find that you have little need for sleep, yet you feel great and have high energy pulsing through your body.  This can also happen in spurts- i.e. three days on, three days off.

-Dreams become much more lucid/vivid.  If you are someone that is not used to dreaming, then this can feel very odd!  What is happening is that your unconscious is working hard to bring forth messages to you from your higher self.  Pay attention!  Keep a dream journal.  Even if it seems insignificant and scattered, it will likely make sense at a later date.

-You experience racing thoughts

-Anxiety attacks and feelings of illogical panic that come and go in waves

As you ascend you become much more sensitive to energy.  You are likely picking up on others energy, or just an overload in your system and you are reacting through your body.  Try and ground yourself and remember to breath when this happens.  Go and get some air.  Know that it will pass.

-Episodes of dizziness and lightheadedness that come and go without warning

There is a lot of intense energy swirling around and it sometimes will feel as though the wind is knocked out of you


-Blood pressure spikes and dips

-Headaches that come on quickly

-Migraines, pressure in different areas of the head at all different times that come and go randomly- Medicine will not always, and typically does not, alleviate the pressure.

Migraines are often a sign of trapped emotion such as stress, anger, blame and shame.  

-Heart flutters and palpitations.  Racing heart.  Tightness in the chest and shortness of breath.  Stabbing sensation from the back to the front, like a dagger. (Sounds fun, right)?

This happens as the Heart Chakra opens and expands.  When we are in grief /emotional pain, we often will experience this, and/but/also, as you grow spiritually you are opening  yourself to unconditional love.  

Again, be sure there is no underlying issue before you chalk this up to the ascension process as this can also mimic a medical issue.  Always get your ticker checked!

*I experience a lot of Heart Chakra activations when I am working with, and on, others.  As someone who was born with a hole in her heart, I visit the Cardiologist twice a year.  I spoke with him about the ascension process and he was actually receptive and  enlightened by the information.  He shared with me that a lot of patients have been coming to him that were having major cardiac issues or thought they were having heart attacks, yet they could not find anything physically wrong!

More Symptoms

-Psychic abilities become enhanced

-Ears pop and ring.  Sometimes right, sometimes left, sometimes both

-Whooshing sounds in ears, high pitched noises experienced

-Visual disturbances.  Seeing flashes of lights, sometimes sparkles (colors vary)

-Changes in vision.  Blurry eyes, pain in eye(s) that come and go, dry eyes

-Itchy skin (intense itching) that lasts for sometime and then subsides

-Hot flashes

-Cold flashes- skin cool to the touch

-Chills and prickly sensations across parts of the body without cause

When these occur at the top of your head/scalp, this is your crown chakra opening up, getting ready to receive wisdom and guidance from your higher self.  This could also indicate spirit trying to connect with you and bring forth a message.  Pay attention!

-Random and isolated goosebumps.

-Pins and needles through different parts of the body that come and go.  Feeling like you are conducting energy is the best way to describe this

-Stomach disturbances such as: nausea/ bloating/acid reflux

-Changes in weight.  Either weight gain or weight loss that seems rapid and unjustified.

*Sometimes we will get what is called “Buddha Belly”.  This happens when someone is in a negative environment, as this is said to offer spiritual protection.  The rest of the body is relatively proportioned other than this.

-Changes in eating habits.  Either you are starving and eating all the time, or you just are not hungry and food is not that important.

-Foods that were off limits are now appealing

-Foods that were staples for you are now off limits and unappealing

*As your vibration rises your body will no longer be able to tolerate certain foods/beverages.  It’s ok, just go with it.  Consequently, you may find yourself craving meat after being vegetarian for years.  You may crave fruit after years of not caring for or wanting anything sweet.  Again, listen to your body.

-You desire and require more alone time

-Spiraling into depressive thoughts, feeling overwhelmed  *Please go speak to someone

-Friendships change-  some friends fall away while new ones emerge.  Allow the universe to work its magic here and trust that what is meant to be, will be.

-You desire true, deep and authentic connections with like minded individuals- superficial small-talk no longer appeals to you at all and becomes unbearable

-You experience an abundance of synchronicities (fated events/encounters).  Being at the right place at the right time, seeing or hearing from someone at the exact moment you think about them, etc.

-Seeing number sequences (111, 222, 777, 1010).  These are your angels connecting with you, pay attention!  This is a great website to look up the number sequences and just be amazed at how the messages resonate with where you are on your individual journey.

-You experience crying spells and extreme sensitivity

If you are like this normally, than even more so.  Tears are a way of release so allow them to flow!

-Feeling much more intuitive.  ‘Knowing’ things without really knowing

As you begin to wake-up, you will learn to trust your higher self more and more

-Feeling much more connected to nature

-Feeling ‘hungover’ but you have not drank any alcohol

-You may feel ‘out of it’ or have ‘brain fog’.

This is almost like feeling you are in a twilight sometimes

Ok so there’s just  a small list of symptoms.  But feel free to write me and add some that you may have experienced or are experiencing now!

Remember- this is a beautiful experience!  It is to be honored and cherished for what it is.  You are learning to live out of the soul instead of the ego where we have been conditioned.  The ego will fight to win all of the time, but it’s time to trust your soul towards true enlightenment.  This often requires us to completely shift our state of consciousness and this is not easy!

Simple yet effective ways to help you to navigate through this process are:

-Drink clean, purified water!  Lots of water.  Keep things moving physically and emotionally .  Energy gets trapped within the body and needs to be moved.  This is where Reiki becomes so helpful.

-Take salt baths or any type of soothing bath

-Be kind to yourself and take breaks when you need to.  You need a nap?  Take one. Need to cry?  Do it.

-Find a spiritual counselor, talk things through. (Hi 🙂 )

-Accept that this is a real process and honor it

-Get outside and connect with the earth.  This is huge for clearing your energy. Walking barefoot in the grass is a great way to reconnect when you are feeling energetically ‘off’.

-Watch your vices!  Take it easy on your body.  We are all more sensitive than normal, so please go easy on the drinking, smoking, etc. 

-Listen to your body! It will let you know when you need to slow down, when you need to rest, when you need to move.

-Surround yourself with people who lift you up.

-Drop the need to explain yourself!  This one is particularly difficult for high-level empaths. We want to save everyone but you must take care of yourself first, and that often means saying ‘no’ when you need to nurture yourself.

-Recognize that you are changing, situations are changing.  We are here to learn and grow, to have experiences and pain is often part of the deal.

If at any point you are overwhelmed with symptoms, ask spirit to kindly slow the process down.  I do this, and it works.

*For those that are interested in the ‘Scientific’ aspect of this very real process, please go to this link I found as it gives a more three-dimensional explanation.

Ps- a Reiki session can most definitely help with the energy re-alignment.  You can schedule that with me as well.

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Much Love,


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4 years ago

Thank you been going though my awakeing hard on myself but will try relax now an want stop smoking which been hard keep praying .he our God hears me

Pauline Jacobi
Pauline Jacobi
4 years ago

Dear Lisa,
Thank you, and thank you again for this wonderful post. I’ve been experiencing the majority of the listed symptoms – and it helps a bunch to know I am not the only one.

My ego is not happy at all about being unable to do “as much as the others do”; e.g. studying faster or exercising more.

Sometimes I lose all hope that I will ever feel different. That I will forever feel tired. Accepting it can be really hard. But oh well, I’ve come this far, and I’ll be okay – in fact I already am okay! As long as I let it flow.

(Somebody make a spiritual remake if this frozen song!^^)

Again, thank you for this post, it really helps me☺️
All the best❤️

Dominic Anfuso
Dominic Anfuso
2 years ago
Reply to  Lisa Salvatore

Hope I can get back to those days, was always moving temporarily stuck right now and hardly sleep.

3 years ago

Hello Lisa! Thank you for all this information. I am currently experiencing all of these symptoms. It is all new to me and I’m only sleeping about 4 hrs now. I’m having a hard time being awake so much and so many hrs. in between. I don’t know what to do? I listen to meditative music. Doesn’t help me sleep. I am at peace and trust the process! I do take baths and walk often to lose the weight I’ve gained in my belly unexpectedly and hardly eating, but understand now from reading this. Will I lose the weight and sleep once everything balances out or will I continually experience this? From migraines which have gotten better to itchy skin, whoosing constantly in my head. Many synchronicities and animals appearing to me. Lots of birds, hawks, doves, crows, cardinals, woodpecker, deer, turtles…You name it… I use essential oils also! Thank you

3 years ago

Thank you for this very informative post! Ive been going through a significant shift which began in December 2019. I experienced elevated heart rate and blood pressure, extreme fatigue, depression, cranial pressure and headaches that weren’t remedied by medication, anxiety, panic attacks (thankfully they stopped), and the need to connected with more spiritually minded people. After 2 ER visits and a series of tests (cat scans, blood and urine tests, EKG’s, stress tests etc), doctors couldn’t find anything wrong. I’ve met with a Reiki master and a Shaman who I still work with to help keep the stagnant energy flowing and provide spiritual advice. Although this process isn’t easy, it’s what I signed up for. I’m still trying to “ride the wave” and not fight the tide which is a daily challenge. I’m trying to live in a state of surrender and not resist this whole process. I know my ego is not happy and it fights me tooth and nail. At least I know that I’m not alone in this process, or crazy!

Thanks again for your post, it put my mind as ease 🙂

3 years ago

Loved this post and saved it. I have had “crisis” when nothing seemed to have any sense at all and I felt desperate since I was a 18 year old girl. I thought I had some psycological issues, went to therapists much later on, in my thirties. Didn’t help so much. I had an awakening in 2003 that then closed up, meaning that it faded out, I stopped meditating and then forgot about it all, and crisis came back. Then had a quiet period, became mother and my crisis seemed just a memory. Now, in these last years, they’ve come back. Since last year, and after many therapists, I felt it had to do with my spirituality, so that’s the path I’m following and am having many insights, many incredible experiences. Though: many crisis too, when I am paralized by fear and afraid to go mad, like I am falling into a black, deep, hole. In these last weeks my ups and downs are so fast, like three days up, three down, and I don’t know how to handle this, because I can’t plan anything, I don’t feel like doing anything… If I am high, it feels like living and breathing into love is enough, and if I am low, it is so low I just feel like I am dying and I reject anything. So my life is at a dead point. I would trust the process completely and have patience, but why is it taking one entire life? I mean… these crisis are due to awakening, I would trust this if this was a phase, but I have always had them… What do you think? Meanwhile: thank you.

3 years ago

I really needed this post! I have been awakening since I was 22 but all the reprogramming of the subconscious mind started this year. There has been some huge ups and downs. It started off with multiple panic attacks through deep triggers to months later doing the work.. but I’m currently suffering a buddha belly! I’m so happy I found this because food is a weird one for me. I’m readjusting my portion size because im eating too much then getting acid reflux. My body doesn’t like coffee, sugars, gone off crisps. But I love fruits and soups etc. I will find my way! Thank you x

3 years ago

Thank you for this! I’ve been feeling these symptoms stronger and stronger lately. Feel so much lighter just reading this.

3 years ago

As I started to open my conscience and spiritual vibration I noticed extreme physical changes. For the past year, lasting about 1 year total I have experienced boughts of inflammation, redness and stinging on my face. So much so that I often woke up unrecognizable, eyes and face swollen so badly. I have seen 6 doctors and had many tests. They cannot explain it. I had an intuitive sense that it had to do with my awakening but could not find anything to verify. Has anyone had a similar experience? I almost felt as if the energy was trapped or stuck in my crown??

2 years ago
Reply to  Shelly

Yes Shelly I have had a similar experience on my face about 6 years ago. Twice my face erupted with what a called amoeba looking sores, not pretty and for an extended period after that, my face could not be touched without welts appearing. I would go to bed normal and wake up with welts. It was like my skin had gotten very thin and sensitive. This all happened before there was conversation about the ascension symptoms, so I had only my knowing to surmise what was going on.
I have also experienced all the other symptoms mentioned, except for not sleeping, but often get up exhausted as mentioned by Lisa.
Thank you one and all for your input!!

3 years ago

Thank you for this. I was Googling ascension symptoms, because I have been feeling off and I thought I had leveled up, but I guess I am doing it layer by layer. This article hit me in the third eye. I too was born with a hole in my heart (Tetralogy of Fallot is my repaired condition) and I am super fine, though for awhile my doctor was concerned with my pvc’s..I just attribute it to my souls heartbeat (which creates my natural healing ability) and my main heart functions.
I feel like this article answered so much for me. You are a blessing.
Take Care.

Julia Naraine
Julia Naraine
2 years ago

Thank you so much Lisa, this resonates with me so strongly & makes sense of so many things that are occuring within me & in my life

aaryaa prasad
aaryaa prasad
2 years ago

Thank you so much for this….everything in this article has resonated highly but i also have have a lot of times where i am completely happy and exited and its the most beautiful feeling….thanks a lot again…much love.

Denise wallace
Denise wallace
2 years ago

I needed to find this, every part of this made everything I am going through spiritually so clear, every part of what Lisa wrote I am going through and until I came across this, the dark night of the soul is not so dark now I understand what has been happening to me for the last year, it started ten years ago but has become more intense in this last year, yesterday I went for a bath and literally felt my old self die and I feel I emerged a different person, like a new creation, thank you for this post it brought me out such a dark place, all I feel now is light ♥

2 years ago

My awakening started at the end of 2019. Since then the abundance of information I have learned about spirituality, astrology, numerology, etc! Everything you wrote in this article was said so very well! Thank you for these reminders and for spreading the light

2 years ago

You completely changed my mood after reading this I felt like I’m the only one in the world going through these things! I mean Every single one is ME! I’m also a total empath so stuff sucked even more for me but hey I just wanted to thank you omggg

2 years ago

Thanks for this,i have had the buddha belly on and off for the past week after a psychopath neighbor started up again.All good,thanks for the validation.

2 years ago

Hi Lisa just joined wonderful information as I have had many of these symptoms. Dark Night of the Soul was yhe worst but came through it ok. I’ve put on 20 lbs and it’s been a awful struggle. I have not changed my eating at all and when I eat healthy only organic it still won’t seem to come off. I’ve even bee walking a extra hour a day doing weights etc for months but no change.

Will the weight ever come back to normal? It’s very frustrating 😑. Can you help with this and will it come off.
God Bless love ❤ for helping all of us. Your an 😇 angel
Take care Kathryn 🙂 💕

2 years ago

Thank you for this. Explains the last 4 years!

Shannon Daniels
Shannon Daniels
1 year ago

Thank you, I literally have every single one of the symptoms/experiences named above and after seeing many doctors and nothing is physically wrong with me I have validation now

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