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Pisces Season ♓️ Magical & Mystical New Moon

2/18. 5:34 PM ET- the Sun departs its yearly stay in the airy home of Aquarius, and shifts into the intuitive waters of Pisces.

Happy Birthday to all of the Pisces souls of the zodiac…we celebrate YOU this season!

The Tarot Card that governs Pisces is number two ‘The High Priestess’.

The High Priestess speaks to the undercurrents of what’s beneath the surface, the unseen. This lady knows that to everything, there is more than meets the eye!

The High Priestess like Pisces, is very connected to the unconscious. She sits on her throne of inner knowledge which is deep and true. Don’t ask her how she knows, but she does. In essence, she is a brilliant psychic whether she acknowledges this or not.

Pisces is a feminine sign, receptive. The High Priestess represents the Divine Feminine in all of us. Important to note that masculine energy can be the High Priestess as well.

When the Sun changes signs, the collective energy shifts right along with it.

Moving from Aquarius which is a more detached and cool air sign, Pisces is an emotional and more attached, water sign.

With Pisces energy we feel more, we go deeper within , we dream more colorfully. We can also get over – emotional and hyper sensitive, prone to overreact, so be mindful of this as well.

Pisces is the sign of the mystic, the poet, the visionary. Compassion and understanding are highlighted under this energy.

If you work with crystals, Amethyst is Pisces stone of choice. Meditate with Amethyst to open and expand your intuition. If you want to go really deep, meditate with Amethyst on your third eye, sleep with it under your pillow to receive messages through the dream space.

Pisces energy in its highest vibration is beautiful, heart-felt, sensitive and spiritual.

Use this season to embrace and embody these lovely qualities, as this world can sure more of this energy!

Remember, we are all connected. We all feed off of each other’s energy. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others as it truly makes a difference.

Much Love,


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