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Pluto And Saturn Will Both Be Retrograde Before The End Of April-What This Means For Us

On 4/10 Jupiter –  the largest and most beneficial planet in our solar system, stationed retrograde You can read that post here.

Wednesday 4/24 Pluto will station retrograde until 10/3, while Saturn will follow and begin his retrograde trek from 4/29-9/18.

We now have three planets retrograde.

Both Pluto and Saturn will be retrograde in the serious and pragmatic sign of Capricorn.

We feel compelled to explore the deeper issues in our lives, to get to the heart of matters.  Superficiality will no longer do and we strive for the truth at all costs.

When planets are appearing to move backwards in the sky, we can subtly feel like something is ‘off’.

These retrogrades are not as ‘in your face’ as say, Mercury retrograde.  They are slower and longer, more subtle in their nature, but very impactful.

A lot of the impact is internal versus external.

Emotionally, physically and spiritually, Pluto retrograde in particular will mark some profound change(s) upon us.

Pluto likes to strip away all that does not work.  His main purpose is to deconstruct and then reconstruct something bigger, better.  To start a fire (metaphorically) and then rise up from the ashes as something even greater. 

Since this is Pluto, the planet that rules the 8th house of Scorpio-  it is all about death and rebirth.  It is safe to say that you can expect the parting of some old ways, habits, relationships, etc.

Issues that have been hidden, tucked away in the darkest corners of our psyche, our souls, are likely to be brought up to the surface.  Our shadow sides are receiving attention.

This is ultimately, for the purpose to transcend and to heal.  To rid ourselves of repressed habits that may be constricting us, blocking us from living out our highest truth, from being our most authentic self.

It is time to shed old skin, to embrace new life.

Then we have Saturn.  The planet of karma (good or bad), restrictions, boundaries and our toughest lessons.  

Since Saturn rules Capricorn, this retrograde will see our career and public image receiving attention. Capricorn governs these areas of astrology.

With this retrograde we reassess our hardest work, the way we put forth our energy to ‘get the job done’.

Have we been working diligently towards our goals?  Or have we cut corners to get to the finish line?

Any corners cut may be exposed, messiness may be uncovered forcing us to retrace our steps and get it right this time.

Under Saturn Retrograde we can experience limitation, opposition , anxiety and fear.  This is temporary and meant to redirect our energy to that which needs to be revisited.

Saturn demands that we step up, show up, and ultimately grow up- no matter how old we are there are always lessons we must master.  This is Saturn.

Under this time period any karma we have accumulated will be sorted.  For both positive and negative there are consequences.

Saturn retrograde is the time to get real about the ways we represent ourselves.  The ways in which we show up for others, but most importantly , the way we show up for ourselves.  We are worth it. 

At the end of Saturn retrograde, for all hard work and lessons learned, we may see a reward or two.  That’s the way this planet operates.  Work now, play later.

Listen to more below.  No video, as I accidentally had the camera button off !

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