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Pluto Stations Direct 10/3…Emerging From The Depths

Another planet that was retrograde is now back in forward motion!

Another release is occurring.

Yes, we feel this.

Pluto stations direct on 10/3 after having been retrograde since 4/29.

Pluot is not as talked about as Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn but he should be.

Pluto is deep, passionate, and even downright raunchy at times.

He is the ‘dirty guy’, in all of us, the shadow side that we keep hidden, even at times from ourselves.

This planet represents everything of the 8th (eighth) house in astrology, this is the Scorpio water house.

Deep emotions lurk beneath the surface here.

It is emotional, raw, transformative and intense as heck.  The underworld.

Remember, Pluto represents death.  Not necessarily physical death (although it can) but metaphorical death.

Pluto is permanence.

Something must die in order for something new to be reborn.  This is the cycle of life, and life is meant to be lived.

What part of you has been reborn?  On the brink?

Watch below, I go through what this transit has represented both collectively and personally.

We go through all of the houses as Pluto pulses through these areas and what you may expect and experience.

✌️ & ❤️


Much Love,


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