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Powerful Pluto Stations Direct ♣️

On 10/8 5:55 PM ET, planet Pluto stations direct.

Pluto has been retrograde since 4/29.

Take some moments to reflect back upon what has been coming up for you, from the darkness, to be brought into the light since the retrograde began.

Pluto does not move very far very fast. This means that he stays in one place in your chart, in your LIFE for a long span of time. 

Just ask anyone with strong Capricorn placements how their past few years have been. Especially those with later degrees of their Sun/Moon/Venus/Mars in this sign.

In fact, all of the cardinal signs & placements which are Aries, Cancer, Libra and especially Capricorn with later degrees (think 24°-29° emphasizing the 26°-28° points) have been getting a strong Pluto transit.

Under this energy of Pluto I am certain you have been feeling the heat, the grinding pressure, the metaphorical death and rebirth that Pluto demands we undergo.

All of us have been feeling it, but especially our cardinal signs & placements.

You are definitely going to want to look to your chart (all in the above video) to see the part that contains Capricorn. This is where your metamorphosis has been taking place.

*Important to note that we all have Capricorn in our chart, we all have every sign in our chart.

One thing is certain: for all of us it’s as if we are in between worlds where we aren’t who we were anymore, yet we aren’t who we are… strange times, right? 

Bottom line : nothing stays the same after Pluto as his key word is PERMANENCE.

Collectively speaking, as Pluto stations direct and travels through the last degrees of Capricorn for the remainder of this year and the first part of 2023… well hold on to your hats and expect the world stage to heat up because in the words of Bachner-Turner Overdrive “ BBBAABBYY you ain’t seen nothing yet”!

Political power, financial exploitation, sexual secrets and matters of justice and injustice just to name a few. We will hear about it all, old story lines and issues of power, control and surrender, will come back into the spotlight.

The old life dies so that the new can be reborn.

Whatever goes away underneath a Pluto transit can not return, it can only transcend into something else, something greater; but we must surrender and allow because if we try to resist , try to CONTROL (another key word for Pluto) then the process is utterly painful.

When we allow ourselves to go deep into the soul, to feel the burn of Pluto in every fiber of our being, the process feels more manageable ( as if we have a choice )!

Make sure that at this time, under these intense energies, you are taking good care of yourself.

The physical body is undergoing a lot at the moment. Holding on to old traumas, purging outdated patterns and behaviors and healing through them is hard work!

Factor in the ever changing cosmic weather, solar flares that affect us emotionally and physically, and our every day trials & tribulations to boot…well, it can certainly feel overwhelming and confusing.

Hydrate, and make sure to get out and get fresh air every single day.

Honor the need for rest, and also honor the need to play.

Pluto asks us to lean into whatever is coming up for us.

When we do this, we become the alchemist of our life. We can transform our pain into wisdom. We grow, our soul evolves…isn’t that what we are here to do, after all?

Never easy to go into the darkness, but this is how we get to the light. This is what Pluto teaches us.

After all RESURRECT is another key word for PLUTO 🕊.

Much Love,


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