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A Rare Day Off- Monday Musings

People I work with often ask me “how do you stay grounded dealing with so many people, it must be so hard”.

Well, days like the one i describe in this post definitely do it for me.

I’m a nature girl in true Taurus fashion.  Even in the dead of winter I bundle up and get outside for as long as i can stand it.

Just sitting outside for ten-minutes somewhere quiet does the trick for me.  I appreciate the smells and sounds of every season especially spring and fall.

Following a mostly clean/healthy way of eating/living, getting enough sleep, exercise and meditation also do it.  I spend  a lot of time alone, and I am ok with that as I need the solitude to recharge and clear my energy.

Back to my rare, unplanned day off.

Last week was a weird week energetically.

I was exhausted, super emotional and I was also really slow and light client wise.

The universe is funny this way- almost like ‘hey you need to regroup so no clients this week’.  I didn’t plan it that way, it just seems to happen every now and again and I have learned to go with the flow and trust it.

I notice that this only happens if/when I’m emotionally off, or ill.  Like it’s predetermined- I guess it is, huh ?

This was ok with me as I still had plenty of work to do.  Emails, phone calls to be returned, errands to run, etc. 

I tend to not really allow myself to ‘just be’.  I am working on it,  I really am.  I do practice what I preach, and self-care has become a priority for me in order to keep delivering my best to others.

Sometimes though, I go in circles chasing my tail and feeling annoyed at myself for not doing more.

In reality, you need ‘off’ days to reset your mojo and i know this.  It’s imperative for your best self in every area.  Your work, your home, your children etc.  You need not feel guilty for this, but I digress.

Last Wednesday was a gorgeous day.  The Sun was shining, it was a clear blue sky without a cloud in sight, 62 degrees.

I sat down first thing in the morning, with my cup of coffee to look at my schedule.  Two clients, both Skype.  No need to leave the house unless I have to.

Both clients were West Coast so for me, these appointments were later in the day- 3 & 5PM.  Still plenty of time to get other work done.

Within ten minutes of each other both clients had something come up and needed to reschedule.  This too, was rare.

So I sat there, answered emails and then started the mental checklist of all the other things I could cram in the next few hours.  I felt overwhelmed instantly.

I opened my front door to get some air and a cardinal landed right in front of me, on the window ledge.  He stared at me, cocked his little head as if to nod at me , and flew off.

OK universe , I get the message.  I guess you want me to get outside and enjoy this beautiful day.

I decided to take a ride to a farm in upper Westchester County where I have been a few times and always find extremely peaceful.  Even just driving up there was therapeutic.  It’s the little things right?

I hiked the trails there, listened to the birds chirping (I saw so many beautiful blue birds) and just got lost in my own thoughts.  I fed the Cows, marveled at the way they eat the grass and flowers- I spent quite a few hours there.

What a recharge.  No matter what we do or where we are, nature is medicine.  It really is.  That day reset my batteries, but more importantly, it reset my emotions.

There is so much beauty in this world, we just have to take the time to stop and appreciate it.  Ask yourself, have you been ‘stopping’ at all lately?  Have you pressed reset for a day, or heck, even a few hours?

If not, make a time in your schedule to do this, just clear the space and hold yourself to it.  

Who would think that a curious COW basically breathing in your face could feel so refreshing? 🙂 See below.

Here are some pics below (and a video of Mr. Cow)!

Yes, we really were nose to nose!

Have a great week everyone!

Peace & Love,


Much Love,


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