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Read For The Week Ahead 2/12-2/18

Happy Monday!

I haven’t done one of these in a little while and was feeling it today.

Here is a read through Sunday the 18th.  I have used my Gaian Tarot Deck.

I pulled: Four of Air (Swords)- Death- Ace Of Fire (Wands)

What powerful cards and I am not surprised, due to the energy lately and the fact that we have a New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse, on Thursday the 15th!

This week has a nice blend of energy, although it will start off exhausting!

We also have a New Moon/ Partial Solar Eclipse on Thursday the 15th, so not surprising to feel all of this energy present!

Four of Air asks us to stop and take a breather.  To reflect on where we are right now, our progress or lack there-of.  Today and tomorrow are days of rest and recovery.  Be sure to stay hydrated and try to keep up with sleep.

Change is the name of the game as Death sits smack in the middle of this spread.

Death speaks to us of rebirth, renewal , letting go and major change and transition.

Death is permanent after all.  The old way must die in order to make way for the new.  This may feel scary and challenging, but is ever so necessary.  Try to go with the flow here and not fight the natural order of events, even when faced with a harsh reality or two this week.

You will find some help through unexpected information you may receive, and through an unexpected source.  This gets everything moving in the right direction even though it will not feel that way at first.

The only constant is change and we must try and get comfortable with that this week.

Lastly, moving forward and new beginnings are upon us all either through a transformation of current situations, or new situations altogether.  A breath of fresh air is coming, as Aces are all manifestation, creation and gifts.

Stay positive, expect some surprises, and accept change as it happens and all will be well.

Everything happening now is setting the foundation for spring time, for the future.

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