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Relationships & Connection..Venus In Scorpio Transit

On 9/10 Venus, the Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and finances entered her several -weeks transit through the sign of Scorpio.

*The above video explains Venus in Scorpio as it pertains to each sign.

Venus in Scorpio is considered to be in her detriment meaning: it’s difficult for sweet Venus to spend time in the underworld! She prefers the luxurious stay in her home sign of Taurus, the complete opposite sign of the zodiac….but hey, opposites feed off of each other.

During this transit (9/10-10/7), Venus in Scorpio has us going deeper into our emotional and psychological needs, wants and desires.

We explore the hidden depths of our soul, our psyche under this energy. We also scour the bottom of others emotions and desires, particularly in how they affect us. It almost feels unavoidable and can definitely be uncomfortable at times. This is precisely what needs to be explored.

Connections of all forms are a hyper-focus under this energy.

Venus is all about how we connect, who we connect to, and what we like and dislike.

She (Venus) represents all that we value and find attractive. In Scorpio, this feels raw and urgent like we must get to the bottom of everything. This could be our own feelings, the dynamics of a particular relationship(s), or just a time of deep introspection and cutting things out that are not working but in Scorpio this can be ruthless!

You may find that you are much more willing to speak out on certain topics that would normally not be the case…others are feeling this to, so there can also be great healing under this energy, on the positive side.

Acknowledging ones needs, especially when done gracefully like Venus herself is known for, can bring in pleasure. While in Scorpio it can also be too raw, too real, and sometimes like the Scorpion, the truth can sting.

Mars in now in Libra as of 9/14 and will be here until 10/30.

Where Venus is what we like, Mars represents how we get it. Mars is the masculine energy to Venus’s feminine. The Yin to her Yang and let’s mention that we all have both masculine/feminine energy, gender excluded.

Mars is all about action, our drive and our will, and let’s not forget….Mars is also about sex. In Libra, Mars is also in the sign of complete opposition of Aries, his preferred domain. While in Libra, Mars is forced to slow down, to weigh all the options, and can also be indecisive. Not how Mars like it, as this does not feel natural.

Overall, this time should prove to be interesting as well as introspective. We have some other aspects occurring (mentioned in above video) that further emphasize this connection theme.

Don’t be afraid to dive into your inner world. Honor your own needs just as much as you honor the needs of others. Accept where you are right now, perceived imperfections and all.

In the words of the great Carl Jung:

“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.”

Much Love,


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