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Sagittarius New Moon ???? And Sweet Venus/Jupiter Alignment ????

Tuesday 11/26 10:06 AM EST we experience a sweet and focused New Moon in Sagittarius.

A New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are in alignment in the sky.

The Sun (our ego) and the Moon (our soul) are harmonizing under this energy which produces clarity and opportunity.

A New Moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycle, the movement of the moon through its different phases.

New Moons are a time of new beginnings.  The beginning of a new cycle, a time to initiate plans and projects, get things moving, a fresh start.  

Abundance surrounds this energy.

New Moons are auspicious times filled with promise and opportunity.

The Sun aligns with the Moon in the sky when it’s a New Moon meaning, that they are in the same sign –Sagittarius.

This is the sign represented by the archer that holds the bow and arrow, aiming for its mark, making sure to do what is necessary to get that bulls-eye.

This is the energy under this New Moon.

We feel ready for action yet anxious and edgy.

We feel hopeful and optimistic, yet we are still cautious.

We can see glimmers of our future and we are excited to go into 2020, a new decade.

Along with this , we also are  experiencing  a beautiful Venus/Jupiter conjunction.

Venus (love , intimacy, what we value) and Jupiter (hope, growth and expansion) are literally ‘kissing’ in the sky.

From 11/24-11/29 get outside right at dusk, and you will be able to see the two brightest planets in our solar system shining together.

Spiritually, this lends to the sweetening of relationships.

Consequently, there could be severing of some relationships, bittersweet yet necessary endings.

This is about all heart-based relationships- not just romantic and relationship to self being the most significant!

Read/watch more on this time period here.

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