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Sagittarius Season Begins Today ♐️

11/22 the Sun shifts from passionate Scorpio into adventurous and free- spirited Sagittarius.

The Sun will remain in this sign until 12/21.

Happy Birthday to all of the ‘Saggies’ out there!

As this sign is mutable, they are adaptable and tend to move around a lot.

They are very open minded and free spirited.  They are brutally honest as they are always seeking the truth.

Under the element of fire, Sagittarius is an active sign.

The symbol that represents this sign is the Archer, the bow and arrow.  When and what they are seeking,  they hardly ever miss the mark.

They are determined as all heck.

There is always an underlying love for adventure here.  Usually those born under this sign have a bit of a travel bug in them, and often times to foreign lands.

Sagittarius rules over the 9th (ninth) house in astrology, ruled by expansive planet Jupiter.

This is the house of philosophy and higher learning, spirituality and religion, the higher mind, travel and expansion.   All of these areas are governed by Sagittarius.

At their most positive side of expression, Sagittarius souls are fun loving,  optimistic, progressive and intelligent.

They are constantly seeking knowledge no matter what it is about, but more importantly, they seek the truth.  Not just any truth, but their truth and they will typically stop at nothing to get it.

At their shadow side they can be careless and too straight-forward, pompous.

They can be blunt to the point of hurting others feelings badly, and they typically won’t feel bad about it either because hey, it’s the truth!  This is their philosophy.

The tarot card that Sagittarius rules is number Fourteen,  XIV Temperance

As Greek Mythology has it,  the winged angel on this card is a bi-sexual god and is the son of Hermes and the god of Aphrodite.

As such, he symbolizes the balance between the sexes.

Balance, moderation, tempering are keywords for this card and this energy.

Sagittarius season tends to be fun-loving and festive as we enter the holiday season.

While this can be great and there are good times to come, we must also keep our wits about us and keep a healthy balance.

Keep this in mind over the next few weeks.

Happy Sagittarius Season!

✌️ & ????


Much Love,


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