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Saturn Stations Direct 9/18 After Five Months Of Retrograde…What This Means For Us Collectively And Personally

9/18 Saturn will station direct after having been retrograde since 4/29.

So, why is this important?

Saturn is a transpersonal planet.  Transpersonal meaning that he deals with areas of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity.

Saturn does not care how or why, he does not discriminate and no one is ever free of his influence.  Saturn just wants you to do the right thing at all costs.

This is the planet that is considered the keeper of time, the ‘ Lord of Karma’.

Sound ominous?  It isn’t, although in western astrology Saturn is considered a malefic planet, meaning an unfavorable influence.

However, it is only unfavorable when we do not change our ways or heed the lessons that Saturn bestows upon us time and time again. 

There’s that word again: time. 

When acknowledged, when we ‘grow through what we go through’, Saturn can bring us our greatest blessings.

On the more favorable side of this three-ringed-planet, we look at how Saturn is all about commitment, dedication and hard work.

Yes he can be responsible for delays, restrictions and sometimes even blockages but this is all for us to remember that nothing worth having is supposed to be that easy.

This is Saturns reminder.

Over the last five months while Saturn was retrograde, I am certain that parts of your story have been under review, under scrutiny of yourself and by yourself.

Why?  Because you, your soul, chose these lessons to make you stronger.

Remember: we all have Saturn in our charts and it is different for everybody.

Watch/listen below.  I go through more on Saturns function both collectively and personally.

I talk about what happens when Saturn moves through certain parts of your chart and what you may expect to experience.

I highly recommend that if you have not ever looked to your birth chart, the mapping of your soul, that you do so!  Especially look to your Saturn.

If you are interested in having your astrological blueprint read for you , you can find information about that here.

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