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Saturn’s Big Move Into Pisces…The Next Few Years 🪐 A Workshop (LIVE)

When: Tuesday 3/28

Time: 7:30-9:30 PM EST

Where: Virtually Via ZOOM (Link will be sent after sign up ).

Cost: $50

Can’t join live? I’ve got you! The recording will be sent out within 72 hours for all that signed up.

Watch this little clip that I did about Saturn, if you want to get a taste.

Details On Saturn: “The Misunderstood Miser”

Saturn often gets a bad rap in ‘pop’ astrology, but Saturn is very layered! There can be, and often is, a lot of positivity associated with Saturn.

Yes, while it is true that Saturn can represent limitations and frustrations by where he is placed, he also offers TREMENDOUS spiritual rewards and growth for our efforts. Think of it as working through karma when we are dealing with Saturn, yes it can feel challenging, but the hard work pays off!

In this workshop, I will go over the many functions of this seven-ringed planet; how he operates within and without of society, and most important, how he can affect us personally.

You are in for a nice evening of relaxing conversation & healing ✨🪐 YES, HEALING even as we talk about the planet of boundaries, karma and work…SATURN.

Remember: we ALL have a Saturn in our personal astrology! This operates differently for everyone and we are all affected by how this social planet operates on the world stage!

I will go over how Saturn operates through each sign. I will ask that you have your birth chart handy, and have Saturn highlighted. REFER TO THIS QUICK TUTORIAL ON HOW TO DO THIS.

I will be taking questions, so please write them down beforehand. I will also be demonstrating a few live chart readings so if you would like to be considered for this AFTER SIGN UP, please email me your birth data/ details at li**@li***********.com with the subject line: SATURN CHART DEMO.

In this email, I will need your date of birth with the year, the EXACT TIME OF BIRTH preferably, from official records (not memory), and city and state of birth. This is confidential and will not be shared. If your chart is shown in the workshop, I will obviously block out personal info.

For this workshop, I ask that you have your camera on… I would love to see your face! If you are not comfortable however, that’s ok.

If you can’t make the workshop live? I’ve got you covered! It will be sent out via recording within 72 hours of the event so you won’t miss it and you will always have it to refer back to.

Much Love,


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