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Scorpio New Moon-Time To Unload The Baggage

Dark, transformative, intense and deep.

Emotional, volatile, revealing and liberating.

This is our Scorpio New Moon ????

10/27 11:38 PM EST

Speak your heart, don’t be afraid to unload and go deep.

Say what you need to say, do what you need to do.

There is support all around you both seen and unseen.

Keep in mind that the Moon does not feel comfortable in Scorpio, and while deep emotions tend to be experienced they are not quite able to be expressed properly or freely.

If you are hit with strong surges of emotion both positive and/or not so cozy, go within and ask yourself “why”?

Mercury is also about to go retrograde on 10/31, so we are primed for reflection.

Remember that the only way out is in.

More on the New Moon energy below.

☮️ & ❤️


Much Love,


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