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Seeing Repeated Number Patterns? 111,222…What This Means

Do you see repeated numbers through license plates, addresses, telephone numbers?  Do specific numbers seem to follow you?

Perhaps every time you look at the clock, it’s 11:11 or 4:44.  Does this mean anything?  You bet it does!

A common question I receive is “I keep seeing 777 (insert other numerical sequence here) and what does it mean”?

Quite simply, these numbers are confirmation and information from the spiritual realm (your guides, ancestors, angels, etc) that you are on the right track, or that you are on a certain track and change is coming.

Another common number sequence that may follow you is your birthday.  If your birthdate is June 3, you may see 603 over and over.  This our loved ones letting us know they are looking out for us.

Here are some very common number sequences and what they stand for spiritually.

111 , 1111

This phenomenon typically starts occurring as you become more sensitive to people and to your surroundings.

As you ‘wake up’ spiritually, you will notice you see this pattern more and more.

111, 1111 is confirmation that you are manifesting your hearts desires, and you should remain positive.  You are divinely protected as positive change is all around you.

If you are in a more negative space as you begin to see these numbers, remain optimistic as things are about to turn around for the better!

As 1 is associated with divinity,  some will say that this can mean your true love is near -your soul mate.  The more you see this number pattern, the closer you are to truth and clarity.


2’s are all about bonding, coming together, unity.

As such, when we see this number sequence, it is indicative of a wonderful time for love, romance and partnership of any kind.  Themes of bonding are present, opportunities are presenting themselves.

This is a time to truly trust in the power of your intuition, and not to be swayed by others opinions.  Previous challenges are lifted and the path is clear.


This is considered to be a very holy number.  When you see 333 repeatedly, you can trust your souls expression!

You are being guided to express your emotions and speak your truth.  Harmony is indicated as long as you follow your heart.

It is time to socialize and laugh more when you see this number sequence.


Stability is near.

This is a time to get grounded and lay the proper foundations.  It is a time to focus on all foundations: your home, your finances and most importantly, your emotional and physical body.


The only constant is change!

555 is an indicator of challenges that we are in the process of overcoming.  5 is typically a number associated with conflict of either an internal or external nature, if not both.

Sharing your stories helps connect you to others, and know that the light at the end of the tunnel is coming.

Challenges will be met and worked through.

Three sixe’s ( I won’t type it out since some are very sensitive to it).

A lot of people fear this number and for obvious reasons, but that is superstitious.

This number sequence is all about balancing your spiritual and emotional well-being.

When this comes up, we may be in a time period where we feel a lot of pressure and responsibility on our back.

Six is all about harmony and cooperation, so do what you can to restore balance in your life.  Spend more time with those that light you up, those that lift you up.

Cultivate a spiritual foundation for yourself to get you through.


Manifestation!  This is a time of reaping what you sow.  A time to sit back and reevaluate your progress.

It is a time of retreat, a time to go within.  Make sure you are acting from the soul and not the ego, and all will come together.


8 is similar to 5 in the sense that challenge is associated with this number sequence.

Any challenges experienced at this time are meant to make you stronger in the long-run.

Your values are being tested.


A life-phase is currently wrapping up and it is time to look to the future with bright colored glasses.

Nine is a solitary number, the number of the ‘spiritual warrior’ and is all about reaching a place of self-mastery.

This is a time to let go of thoughts, circumstances and people that are no longer serving you.  As you do this, you may feel lost or uncertain , yet at the same time tremendous spiritual growth is occurring.

SO- these are just a few popular combinations that we often will see.  However, there are many more.  For example, you may only see 22 and not 222.  You may see 1010, 2020 etc…

Tell me, what are your stalker numbers lately?

Heads up- Mercury Retrograde is upon us, and it is the first retrograde of 2019!  Be back with more on that energy, the New Moon in Pisces, and Uranus going back in the sign of Taurus.

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