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Finding Feathers- ‘Hello From The Other Side’

“When a Feather Appears, An Angel Is Near”

Whether it be loved ones or spirit guides, our ‘people’ are always around us, always ready to lend a helping hand and let us know that we are never alone.

Spirit will often try and communicate with us in several different ways, but one specific way is by leaving a feather in our path.


Let me be clear- ‘spirit’ refers to any of your loved ones on the other side, or simply your Guardian Angel(s).

All we need to do is ask that they show up, ask for help, ask them to show us a sign, and you will be pleasantly surprised!

They are always ready to comply with our needs and wishes for affirmation and validation that they do hear us, they do see and feel what we are going through.

All you need to do is ask and be open, be present, be still.

How often are you really open, present and still?  Even for ten minutes?  Think about that.

I receive so many signs from spirit on a daily basis, and I am still constantly in awe at the way that they show up and at the EXACT time it is needed.  

If you feel you are receiving signs, then trust and know that you likely are.

*Sidenote- just a funny example: I was conducting a phone session with a woman the other night (Hi 🙂 she is likely reading this).

Her father was with her from spirit, loud and clear and he came through in several different ways to validate this for her.

While we were speaking I kept seeing and hearing Elmo from sesame street.

I had no idea what this was, but it was getting increasingly strong.  I had to stop and say: “I’m sorry, but I cannot stop seeing Elmo!  And I’m hearing his voice!  Does this mean anything to you”?

She cracked up and said: “Yes, I take tickle me Elmo to work and use him as an ice breaker when I conduct weekly meetings”.

Well, her father needed her to know that he was aware of that!  See how they acknowledge us?   

Back to the feathers.

When these signs appear, it is very important that you stop and acknowledge: what were you thinking about, focusing on, or stressing over when the sign appeared?  How did you feel when you received your sign(s)?

This is your biggest clue as to what spirit is trying to convey to you.

It could be as simple as ‘you are on the right track’  or ‘yes you are making the right decision no matter how shitty you feel right now’.  

They could also just be saying hello! 🙂

Lately,  for me it’s been feathers.  Lots of them, and at the oddest of times and in places they shouldn’t, or couldn’t be logically.

Feathers are a huge sign from spirit.  It’s a cosmic ‘Hello’ when one flitters across your path.

I collect all of the magical feathers I receive.  They comfort me and envelope me with a sense of peace, knowing there is so much more than what we can ‘see’ and it confirms that we really are all just energy.

When souls leave the earth plane, their spirits stay with us.

You know, because you just feel it.

 I remember my very first experience receiving a feather from the spirit world.

When I was much younger, I’d say about twelve years old, I became an avid reader of ‘Woman’s World” magazine. *chuckle*

In the back of the magazine, there was an Angel section where readers could share their true-life stories of how they have been touched by the spirit world and angels.

At that time, I already felt connected to something much greater, and in the article the woman said that if you wanted to know if you had your angels watching over you, simply ask for a sign but be specific.  Very specific.

I asked out loud for my guardian angel(s) to send me a Big White Fluffy feather to let me know that I was protected.  I figured, what have I got to lose right?   I then went to sleep and forgot all about it.

Three days later, imagine my surprise when I came home from school, took off my wool coat, and right there in the inside was a large,  fluffy white feather!  Not a little down feather that could be rationalized away, but a huge. fluffy. white. feather.  

Exactly what I asked for!  I had chills along my entire body and a sense of peace and calm washed over me.

Heres a few of my most recent experiences as I love to share these whimsical tidbits.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine hosted an event in which a psychic/medium that she went to high school with was attending her restaurant to give ‘cold readings’ to people eating dinner that night.

*For those that might not know, Mediums can communicate with those who have passed on.

Let me explain: I am no stranger to this amazing phenomenon, and I am very well aware that the spirit world exists and that our souls can communicate once we pass on.

The reason I was so amazed was because, well hey, I’m kind of connected to this anyway and therefore, I typically don’t ever get ‘read’ at events such as this one.   So it was extra special for me.

Anthony, the medium, would survey the room and be pulled to specific people and begin to read them.

I watched in awe as he connected a husband and wife to their deceased son with many heart filled messages and confirmations of the after life.

Imagine my surprise when next, he zipped across the restaurant , and honed right in on me, .  “Me”?  I squeaked.   Him- “Yes, you the lady in the green.”  

Long story short he proceeded to bring my paternal grandmother through from spirit.

There was no doubt in my mind it was her as he even imitated her speaking style, her broken english and her personality.  He referenced how she passed, how many children and grandchildren she had, and other facts and feelings he never would have known unless my Nonna were right there.

I had chills the whole time.  It was amazing. 

As if Nonna did not give me enough to know that she is always with me, rooting for me and protecting me, I go home that evening and imagine my delight and surprise when I flip on the light and right smack on the bed is a black feather.

*For those that might not know,  black feathers specifically indicate spiritual protection and the message that you are offered protection through a time of potential negativity.

This makes much sense to me on several levels, and Nonna Tina obviously knew what I needed to hear/see!

For you skeptics that may be reading this, this feather was not there when we left the house and there is no logical way it got to the middle of the bedspread.  


But it did not stop there.

Not but a few days later, it happened again.

Walking on the stone path up to my parents front door , there was this gem right in my path.  I couldn’t miss it, as it shimmered and had a gorgeous purplish hue.

Was it Nonna again, offering her love and protection?  I’m not sure, but let me say this. It also happened to be my father, her sons, birthday that day and I was walking INTO his house when that feather appeared.

I feel that was Nonna,  offering her love and protection on a special day.

One more feather story because this one I really love.

On a morning walk this past week with my nephew, in the span of one hour- I kid you not- all of these were peppered in my path.

At all different points and in all different places.   I was not looking, they seemed to just appear as they always do, at just the right time.

Loving those bluish ones, I will research which bird they belong to as I’m sure there’s a message there as well!

IMG_1509 (1)

There’s many more signs I can write about.  The abundance of hummingbirds I have seen over the past few weeks, the Owls, the Hawks….and always at the right moments. I will save these for another time…

Remember- all you have to do is ask your loved ones to show you a sign.  They will be happy to comply!

They do not truly leave us, and they do hear us.

What signs have you received? Feathers and everything else?

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