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Group Event🌞🌚✨ 11/28

Intimate Group Setting- Evening Of Healing & Messages, Personal Astrology Included

When: Monday November 28, 2022

Time: 7:30-9:30 PM EST

Where: Virtually Via ZOOM (Link will be sent after sign up ) *Group of Six

Cost: $125


Tuesday 10/25 we have a partial Solar Eclipse, New Moon in the sign of transformative & intuitive Scorpio.

Eclipse season is always a chapter of a larger story. A continuation of a book we started long ago. Every eighteen-months, we have eclipses on the axis of the opposing zodiac signs, marking our Solar & Lunar Eclipses. Personally speaking, this effects us all differently.

Eclipses mark important passages of time, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Dependent upon where Taurus/Scorpio fall in our birth chart (yes we all have all of the signs in our chart) these are the areas of life where the energy is felt the strongest, where we will be impacted.

Please join me for this Event/Group Healing, readings & messages for the individual, and for the group. Personal astrology/intuitive reading included! *You will receive a form to send your data securely, once you book.

More Details: Scorpio stands for many things, but most important, he speaks to recognition and release of what is holding us back psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. The opposite sign of Taurus asks us to increase that which grounds us, that which brings us into a stronger sense of self, of peace & security.

Something to reflect upon: think back to November of 2021 when we had our first Solar Eclipse/Full Moon in Taurus. Around November 18, to be more precise…what was going on for you? Then we had another Eclipse in Taurus (A Lunar Eclipse New Moon) on 4/30 and another Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, 5/16. Now we pick up the book again to write another chapter, for these next two Eclipses on 10/25 (Scorpio) and then 11/8 (in Taurus).

I look forward to being with you!

Much Love,


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