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Group Event: Let’s Talk About Venus 💐💖Messages For All

Intimate Group Setting- Venus Retrograde Meaning & Impact, Personal (Venus) Astrology Included With Messages For All

When: Monday August 7, 2023

Time: 7:30-10:00 PM EST

Where: Virtually Via ZOOM (Link will be sent after sign up ) *Group of Eight

Cost: $150


Did you know that planet Venus in our birth chart tells us so much about our true nature? She speaks to who and what we are attracted to, what we value and love but most important is about SELF LOVE, our own worth. Come and join us and remember: in my groups, we all heal through each other’s messages as well as our own❤️

Decode your love and relational nature while ironing out some karmic kinks!

In honor of the current movements of VENUS, the planet of connection, finances, love and values, I invite you to an evening of insight. In this event, I will go over what Venus represents, and how she impacts YOU personally and also, collectively. Venus will be retrograde ALL of August, so she is at the height of her power which translates into: a lot of heart-centered realizations and karmic cleansing for all!

Come and join us for an evening of intuitive & astrological insights, guidance and healing. There will be messages for the individual, and for the group. Personal astrology/intuitive reading included! *You will receive a form to send your data securely, once you book.

More Details: Venus entered Leo back on 6/5/23. On 7/22, she stationed retrograde, where she will remain until 9/3/23. Venus will be waltzing through the sign of LEO, the heart. This is calling us all deep within to reflect upon what (and who) we truly value. What is aligned with our soul? What is not authentic to who we are? Where do I feel out of touch, or keep repeating the same negative patterns in all of my relationships? Hint: reflect back to 2015, specifically 7/25-9/6, when Venus was last retrograde through Leo. You will likely see a/the parallel(s)…and this does not mean it will play out the same way!

Want more? Come join us on 8/7.

Much Love,


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