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Feed Your Soul, Literally! Some Delicious Alternatives To A Fan Favorite Meal

This post was inspired by two of my good friends who I recently vacationed with- Janet and Siobhan.

Caution: long post ahead!

We had a blast and it was a well needed and deserved recharge for all of us.

*I’m digressing for a moment but never underestimate the power of the ocean, good friends, and allowing yourself to unwind!  Your soul needs it- I came back feeling like a different person!  I tend to not let myself have a lot of downtime like most of you reading this.

But it is very necessary and more importantly, very therapeutic!

Back to the food- I cooked every night for all of us with the exception of the one night that we went out.

I love to cook, so to me it’s not a chore.  I truly enjoy it and they enjoyed it more which makes me happy!

They were impressed by how tasty the ‘healthier’ side of these foods/treats were and informed me I needed to add this to my blog, so here you go 😉


I am not only a spiritual being and healer, I am also a certified Health & Wellness coach.

The above image says it best.  There are low vibrational foods (refined sugar, alcohol, loads of Cows Milk Dairy, refined carbohydrates such as bread and pasta , grains which are very high inflammatory).

Then there’s the high vibrational foods- (vegatables, fruit in moderation, high quality protein, high quality fats such as coconut and avocado).

Remember- you are what you eat!  

When your body is filled with more high vibrational foods, well, you will vibrate higher! Your personal channel is more clear.  You won’t have brain fog, will not be as lethargic or as irritable. This is a fact!

Quite simply: I love food!  More importantly, I love nourishing foods- but they have to taste good.

I hosted a radio show this past July about this if you’d like to hear more right below.

On this show I talk about how eating the right foods helps to keep us clear, amongst other ways our vibration stays clear.   I also speak to a special guest, Alessandra Macaluso.   She is Co-author of ‘What A Good Eater’,  and she is also my sister.  This book quickly rose to the top of Amazon’s best sellers- and within good reason, so please do check it out! 

Keep in mind, I’m just like the rest of you.

I love wine and cheese. (C’mon, I’m a true italian girl)!

I eat red meat ( grass-fed and grass finished when I can).

I love ice cream (I make my own though, super easy and much more healthy)

Being spiritual does not mean I crunch on sunflower seeds, only eat veggies, do yoga all day long and meditate saying ‘OMMM’ repeatedly.

It means that I honor my body and my soul enough to eat intuitively- to feed my soul what it needs, to do away with what I don’t need.  I teach others how to do this as well.

If I want a glass of red wine (my kryptonite) I have one-  (or two, or three, ha)!  But I make sure it’s not the night before a long day of sessions because I know my body and my soul.

Especially, when I’m away from my daily routine, I will let myself have a little more fun than normal, but I still try to keep it relatively healthy.  I could say  “eh, who cares?  I’m on vacation”!

The reality is- I do care, and you should too!  I travel often, and quite frankly, I feel better mind, body & soul when I keep up with my routine as closely as possible and stick with more high vibrational foods.

It’s not about being ‘perfect’.  It’s about being conscious and aware.

I say this consistently.  What we feed our body should also feed our soul.  That goes for the not-so-good stuff as well!

Clean eating while healthy, can still be fun!

Here’s a few things to try before the summer ends. These are all super tasty, but also, not bad for you and extremely simple to make.


These were used last week while I was away and enjoyed so much, that I felt I should share. (Well, Janet & Siobhan felt I should share, HA)!

We are talking about a healthier version of Mexican Night.  Everyone loves Mexican food!

Healthier does not mean less tasty.

Disclaimer: this is simply MY perspective and insight from what I have studied, but also, how I have reacted to the food(s).  Take what I say with a grain of margarita-salt, however, if you use these swaps and like the results, please reach out and let me know!

Fajitas and of course Margaritas?!  What’s not to love?

Margaritas first, of course.

We all love a good margarita now and then right?  Especially when it’s summer time.

The problem with this is that most margarita mixes (yes even the healthier ones) have a lot of added gunk like sugar and high fructose corn syrup, just to name a few.  Or even worse (sorry for those that ingest this, but Splenda).

*I personally feel that artificial sweeteners are the devil.  Furthermore, they are foreign to our bodies and therefore, very difficult to process if at all.  Think about that!

I  don’t know about you but if I drink a margarita that is a mix, I end up with horrible acid reflux and a sour stomach!  This is not me being a ‘food snob’, it’s about the truth of how that gunk makes me feel!  The cleaner you eat on the regular, the worse you will feel the effects when you don’t.

So, this is what I did.

*This will make three hearty Margaritas*

One bag of frozen fruit (I used Mango for this round).

A couple of shots of Tequila.

Some fresh squeezed lime juice, and a handful of fresh mint (if you like the flavor of mint otherwise omit).

Good quality Sea Salt for the rim (good luck getting it to stick.  I got frustrated and just added it to the drinks and it was just as delicious).

* If you like the salt, I highly recommend pink himalayan sea salt, which is high quality.  A little goes a long way, so use sparingly!

Blend it up in your Vitamix, Ninja, or whatever tool you use- and waala!  A yummy, tasty frozen treat!  Other than the Tequila, that’s as non-toxic as you can get!

*The next night we used frozen Pineapple which was just as delicious, but we all preferred the Mango.

For the Fajitas…. I marinated a skirt steak in olive oil and sea salt from the night before.

I also marinated some shrimp the same way.

Chopped up some peppers, onions , zucchini and mushrooms and sauteed them in olive oil.

Instead of taco shells or fajita shells, we used romaine lettuce leaves.  *You could also use Paleo or low carb wraps that you can purchase online or at specialty grocery stores, such as Whole Foods.  These are my favorite when I don’t feel like using lettuce leaves

Why not use regular tortillas , you may ask?

Tortillas are corn and grain based.  Two high pro -inflammatory foods.  Meaning in simplest, not nerdy terms- you eat them and they cause insulin spikes and inflammation in the body.

Bottom line is that there are no real health benefits to either of those ‘foods’.  I stay away from them.  I do like tortilla chips occasionally and while I will indulge (very sparingly) I will get very congested and lethargic afterwards.

Coincidence?  I think not.

With the fajitas we naturally had all of the fixings to go along with them!  The sour cream, the shredded cheese, the guacamole, the salsa.

The shell was just a lot less caloric and ‘carby’.

We were also very full and satisfied, but still felt good!

Hope you enjoyed this, and go and have yourself a little fiesta soon!  Let me know how it goes, ok?

Meanwhile, if you would like a soul check up, schedule a session here

*If you don’t see a time that works for you, please email me as people reschedule and it does not always reflect right away on the website.

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Love & Light,


Much Love,


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