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Step-By-Step- How To Draw Up Your Birth Chart. Also, A Chart For Jupiter Transiting Scorpio And How It Will Impact You

It is quite easy to cast your own chart.  You can do so for free by using

*If you wish to pull up your birth chart please click here for instructions.

(I would open up a new tab here so you can flip back and forth).

You do need to create an account, but it takes only a minute or two.

Once you create the account, right on the home page on the right hand side, there is a tab that says ‘Extended Chart Selection’.  Looks like this below.

Once you click on that, you then click on ‘Add a New Person’.

That will take you right to the page where you will add all of your birth data.

Looks like this below.

After you hit continue, you should be on this page below.

Enter the date from the dropdown menus EXACTLY as you see it above.

*Don’t touch anything after the ‘Placidus’ entry.  Leave everything else as is.

Then click the ‘click here to show the chart’ button.

You should see your chart pop up.  This is what it will look like, below.

Not Exact, as everyones will look different, but this is what a birth chart looks like.

*This is not mine or anyones I know, I made up birth stats to show sample chart, FYI*

The one next to it is the grid shown at the bottom of the chart as I could not fit it all in one picture.

(Excuse the picture quality, I am not trying to ‘wow’ you with my photography skills) 😉

That’s your Birth Chart.

Notice on the above grid, looking straight at the picture, all the way to the left of the 2nd picture, it lists the planets and the corresponding symbols of each?  (Sun, Moon, Venus, etc).

That is how you will find the planets in your chart.  The numbers 1-12 in the chart represent the houses.

Let me explain: look at the above chart and find the moon symbol.

Once you locate the moon, look at which house it sits in.  In the above chart, the moon sits in house nine (9).  Above the house, we see the zodiac sign that the moon is in.  That is the symbol for Scorpio.

So the above birth chart, this made up human has a Moon in Scorpio, in the 9th house.  This is making sense, I hope.

Oh, and here’s a picture that shows you the zodiac symbols.  You’re welcome 🙂

*If you have followed up to this point and wish to go further and look at where Jupiter will be for you personally while it is transiting Scorpio, you need to do your original birth chart once more, as explained above.

You will get to this screen again below.

Now here’s the difference: where it says ‘chart type’, you will choose from the drop-down menu ‘natal chart and transits’.

Beneath that, ‘web default style’.

Then when you move down to the date, you enter the date that Jupiter enters Scorpio, so that is 10/10/17.

Right beneath that, you change it to ‘whole signs’.

It should look like this below now.

Then you click on ‘click here for chart’, and now it will look the same as the original birth chart, except now you will symbols in green on the outside.  This represents what is happening under the Jupiter transit, for you.

I only zoomed in on the Jupiter symbol to make it a little less confusing, hopefully!  See below.

That shows where Jupiter will be for the next year for you based on your chart.  That’s the house, the area in which Jupiters trek through Scorpio, will potentially be impacted.  Remember: Jupiter is optimistic, Jupiter expands where it touches.

Last but not least, let me quickly add the houses and the areas that they govern.

*Based on your Jupiter Transit Chart, you will know which house will be blessed and protected, perhaps expanded- with some extra luck a-la Jupiter style- over the next year.  So if Jupiter is transiting your………

1st house– the house of self. The way you appear, first impressions, your attitude and flavor.

2nd house– the house of money, values, your daily routine and environment.

3rd house– the house of communication.  Siblings, friends, neighbors and community are fall under this house.

4th house– the house of our foundation, the home.  Family roots, emotional security.

5th house– the house of romance, fun, children, play & creativity.

6th house– the house of work and service.  Health, fitness & organization.

7th house– the house of partnerships/relationships.  Mutuality & sharing.

8th house– the house intimacy, sex, bonding.  Sharing of money & possessions/property.

9th house– the house of travel and study, higher learning.  Philosophy, religion and ethics.

10th house– the house of our career.  Public image, goals, fame, success & achievements.

11th house– the house of friendship, groups, social causes and society.

12th house– the house of spirituality, the hidden sides of life.  Endings, karma, healing & closure.

One last example to make sure you follow this.

So lets say that  Jupiter in Scorpio is in your 7th house of partnership for the next year, this is the area where the Scorpio intensity and Jupiter wealth will highlight.  Make sense?

If in your Birth Chart it sits in your 6th house of health and service, that area will always receive some Jupiter optimism.  But the Jupiter transit will highlight the 7th house while it is in Scorpio for you.

I really hope this was helpful!

Please give me a shout and let me know if you did your chart/charts and how it worked out!

Love & Light,


Much Love,


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