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The Sun Enters Scorpio Today-It All Goes Dark To Get To The Light

Today the Sun leaves harmonious seeking Libra and shifts into the sign of the cosmic detective, Scorpio.

Happy Birthday to all of our Scorpions out there!

When we go into Scorpio season, we go into the underworld.

This is a great time of year, in my personal opinion.

The days get shorter, the air is cooler and more crisp, oh and Halloween ???? .

At this time of year more than ever, the spiritual side of life is enhanced.

The veil gets thinner and we are way more intuitive and able to go within for clear answers.

If you feel you are receiving signs from the beyond?  You are.

If you feel more connected and intuitive?  You are not imagining this, it is true.

Use this time wisely! 

Scorpio is a Water sign that is intuitive and passionate.  Remember though, passion swings both ways so do not cross a Scorpio or those Scorpions can and will sting!

At their most positive Scorpio’s are fiercely loyal, passionate, intuitive and real.

At their lower end they can be extremely vindictive when they feel slighted.  They can be paranoid and sneaky.

When they feel loved and honored, when their loyalty is respected and returned?  Scorpio peeps are die-hard.

These are your friends for life…I know this from experience as well- I have several Scorpio near and dear to my heart.

Ruled by planet Pluto, this sign represents all of the 8th (eighth) house intensity in astrology.  

Transformation, death (literal sometimes but mostly metaphorical), rebirth, inheritances, other peoples money, the taboo and the afterlife.

Lots of energy in this sign and at this time of year pertaining to all of the above.  

Think about Halloween and all that it represents…this is Scorpio.

Ruled by the DEATH card in the Tarot, major transformation and transition is represented by this card but it is not ominous.

As number XIII (Thirteen ) it is very spiritual by nature and shows connection with the higher realms so pay extra close attention during these next 4-6 weeks !

Under Scorpio season, situations and solutions can and will be revealed.

Trust and surrender is the name of the game.

Trust that what, when, who, why and how- is left to the divine at the moment and as long as you are honest?  It will all work out in your favor so stay strong and do your soul work.

Happy Scorpio Season!

✌️  & ????,


Much Love,


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