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Taurus Season Has Sprung…Happy Birthday Taurus!

Today 4/19, the Sun leaves the action-oriented fire sign of Aries and shifts into the steadfast and practical Earth sign of Taurus. Time to slow down and chill a bit.

The Sun will remain in Taurus until 5/20…Happy Birthday Taurus ♉️ ???? … is our season!

The bright side of Taurus energy is loyal, connected, sensual and logical. This sign has great common sense and is known to be a problem-solver. Humble and honest, Taurus are typically hard-working and dependable. They are there when you need them, and you can count on their word. Taurus has a lot of endurance, and can keep going long after you would think they would break.

Strength is a universal trait of Taurus.

The shadow side of this sign is yes, there is one ???? ….they can be quite stubborn as a fixed sign. Taurus can be very slow to make changes, for better or worse, and let’s not forget about that temper! Although slow to anger, once Taurus blows up that Bull can charge, and often will regret it after the fact. They also have a hard time asking for help, and will take on copious amounts of stress, often to their own detriment.

Taurus knows how to sustain what has been built. Taurus season is where we plant our seeds, then watch them sprout; it is the season of fertilization for future growth.

This is how Taurus energy works.

Where Aries is go-go-go , Taurus is slow-slow-slow. We cannot rush anything under the Earth energy of Taurus. “To every season turn, turn, turn”, should be the Taurus mantra.

Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication, also moves into Taurus on 4/19, relaxing a bit after his time in Aries. In Aries, Mercury’s thoughts and words may have been fast and cutting . Now in Taurus, Mercury is able to slow down, process, and think more before speaking. This is a good thing!

Venus is in Taurus as well until 5/8, at home and cozy in it’s natural home of Taurus, beatifying ourselves and our environment feels natural.

Spring cleaning, anyone?

Mars will move into Cancer on 4/23 and we have a charged Full Moon on 4/26 (more on that soon). Then on 4/27 we experience our first retrograde in awhile.

Pluto will station retrograde, taking us to the underworld to confront our shadow(s). You didn’t think we were getting off that easy, did ya? Just kidding….well, kind of!

We are also contending with Uranus from now through the end of the month. Also in Taurus, Uranus seeks to shift and change, to shake up the status quo. Remember though, Taurus loves the status quo, loves to be comfortable meaning that…this should be interesting!

We have a lot of planets shifting in the heavens, changing signs. This absolutely is felt down here on the earth plane. We feel the shifting in the physical body. Disrupted sleep patterns and feeling all-over-the- place emotionally, is not uncommon right now.

Take advantage of Taurus season and do all the the Taurus ‘things’ that the Bull is known for, the creature comforts. This can certainly help to soothe the soul during these energetically charged times.

Buy yourself flowers, take a bubble bath, indulge in some fine wine and good chocolate. Get out for a hike, a walk, a bike ride..go to the farmers market. Get out into nature and stop and smell the roses!

Savor the flavor and the vibe of this Taurus/Earth energy. Enjoy the small pleasures, the simple things in life.

Take the time to get out into the earth, to smell all the smells. Ground yourself, meditate, plant some flowers or herbs. You get the gist.

Much Love,


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