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It’s Taurus Season ♉️

Sunday 4/19 the Sun switched signs, changing the overall tone collectively, celestially.

4/19 marks the entrance of the Suns passage from fiery and active Aries into the sign of the grounded and methodical earth sign, Taurus.

Happy Birthday to all of my fellow Bulls out there, it is our season!

Under the fixed sign of Taurus we desire to retreat,  to build, to make things better.

Taurus is an earth sign and very much connected to the physical body, to nature.

This is a time to go inward, to reflect; a time to nurture and work with all of our natural resources. 

Get outside, meditate, pray, drink your water.  

We look to minimize , to recognize what we believe we need and realize what we can actually do without.

Wednesday 4/22 is earth day, and it is also our New Moon .

This New Moon conjuncts Uranus, the great awakener.  Uranus will shake us up to lead us to breakthroughs, the shaping of a new paradigm.

This Moon also squares Saturn, lending to an even stronger feeling of restriction and delays.

With Saturn in Aquarius, innovative and creative energy are higher than normal and although this can feel challenging at times, on the positive side this helps us to work smarter and more efficiently.

Personally and collectively, this is happening for everyone.

Change is constant, change is scary and more than anything else?  Taurus is a creature of habit that seeks the security of its own four walls, inner and outer.

Aries season presented a lot of resistance and discomfort as we were confined, had restrictions placed upon us.  Aries is fire, active and goal oriented, not ones to ‘sit around’ and not ones to wait.

Discomfort at this time is continued as we move into Taurus a sign that also likes to move (although slower, at their own pace)  especially since Uranus will be in the sign of Taurus until 2026 and on top of everything else?  Change is inevitable.

Let’s continue to look forward with optimism, with hope and with faith.

More on this energy and some of my ramblings below.

Peace & Love,


Much Love,


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