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It’s Taurus Time!

Welcome Taurus Season, and Happy Birthday to all of my fellow Bulls out there!

Whenever the Sun shifts from one sign to another, the collective energy shifts with it.  The celestial season changes, and we do feel it, although sometimes subtly.

Saturday 4/20 The Sun moves from the fiery go getting sign of Aries, and into the more chill, move at your own pace but ever-so -determined sign of Taurus.

With Taurus, slow and steady wins the race.

When it’s Aries season, we are compelled to take action (Fire), while now in Taurus season, we stay level with where we are, we maintain our momentum at a calm pace .

Taurus time is the time to speak your truth, use your voice, stay grounded and move forward with a plan.

We keep working towards our goals but in a more practical and methodical manner.

Taurus is a very grounded sign as it falls under the element of Earth.

This is also a Fixed sign meaning immovable, slow to change. Taurus are known to be quite stubborn as well. *Our other fixed signs are Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Under the tough exterior of every Bull- typically there lies a very sweet and gentle soul.  Taurus are slow to trust, but once they let you in you have a friend for life.

Really, this is one of the most generous and loyal signs of the zodiac.  However, if you betray a Taurus, watch out!  They will forgive but they will never forget.  That Bull can charge quite easily when provoked, but it takes a long time to get them to that point.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus- the Goddess of love, beauty and money. 

This is the season where we indulge in all of our senses.  Where we feel and speak all things beautiful.  Sensuality and sweetness rule Taurus season.

Taurus also rules the second (2nd) house in Astrology- the house of our resources, our money and values, our security.

These are the areas that will really be under scrutiny for everyone at this time as we get more serious about our financial status, and furthermore, our goals.  Be careful not to spend too much on nice things!  

Explore your feelings under this energy, as it leads to true enlightenment.  Speak to those you trust, they will help lead the way.

Under Taurus season we tend to run on one of two speeds, much like every Taurus.

Either we are relaxed, deliberate and chill or we are hyper, charged and ready to go full-speed ahead.  Whichever way it is, it’s all good.

Everything happens in due time!  Be sure to cover all of  your bases and all will be well.

Create your vision, set goals, roll up your sleeves and start working and the rewards will come.

There is no need to be abrupt at this time especially with what all the planets are doing currently.

Normally, the Earthy season of Taurus begins in a very serene manner.

While yes things may calm down a bit, there is still quite a bit going on that can have us frazzled.

We are just coming off some strong Full Moon energy, planet Uranus in Taurus conjuncts the Sun in Taurus (Hello nasty weather) and we have Saturn and Pluto getting ready to station retrograde.

We also have a nice new Moon on 5/3.

More on the upcoming energy later this week….

Peace & Love,


Much Love,


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