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The Energy Of July🌞✨😮Destiny Is Calling🎶

Here we are, cruising through July! I hope everyone is feeling ok and taking good care mind, body, spirit… as best as you can.

There are some powerful energies at play this month, very potent astrology. In case you missed the first half up to the Full Moon, check out this video as well.

On the personal level, we are being called to go inward. We are being called to reflect, to accept, to change somewhere, something, somehow.

For some, it is breaking free from a stagnant job, or a relationship. For others, it is more of a powerful emotional shift, a soul shift.

People are changing jobs, changing homes, changing lives.

This is strong energy of rerouting!

Ignoring the calls to go deep within may work sometimes, but these times? I’m not so sure.

Uranus is lining up with the North Node of destiny on 7/31, and then powerful and assertive Mars comes in to instigate this mix, really firing up this energy of POWerful change of direction.

Keep in mind that the energy of alignment is already well in motion, and you are likely feeling these rumbles of change and the desire for breakthrough in the area of your chart that contains Taurus.

Changes and circumstances that occur around these times, are setting the stage for the next fifteen year year cycle. This is both collectively and personally, which is why it feels so powerful, why it feels like ‘something big is happening’…because it is!

Physically speaking, our bodies are recalibrating as the earth’s magnetic field shifts. This is happening at a rapid rate and is contributing to many physical and emotional symptoms. A few honorable mentions: sleeping disturbances, unexplained exhaustion, ringing of the ears, random aches and pains, heart palpitations and bouts of vertigo.

Feeling disoriented almost like ‘out of body’, not remembering what day it is, walking to the other room to get something and then forgetting why you are there…sound familiar? Timelines feel like they are merging and collapsing.

*I wrote a post years back regarding this process of shifting, of ascension. You can find that here.

*Disclaimer: always get checked out medically as these symptoms obviously may indicate a medical condition. If all checks out, it is likely energetic. Important to note, children and animals are affected strongly by these powerful energies as well.

This is why grounding is so important. Breath work, exercise and meditation, so important. Turning away from electronics, the news, social media and getting out into nature, fresh air…the spirit needs these outlets to become daily habits so that you can feel connected, to your soul, to source.

While we cannot change what goes on outside of us, we can make changes and control, the way we work with and maintain our own energy.

Through the chaos going on around us, there is also chaos within for everyone. How could there not be? Give yourself a hug. Stay close to those that hold space for you , and hold space for them as well when they need you.

Remember as hard as this is to comprehend at times, there is always a blessing somewhere.

Through all of the grief, pain, despair and loss…we find something within us that we did not know we had. A strength becomes more palpable.

People show up for us, they show up with us, and even when they have to leave us? We learn.

Blessings often feel like lessons at first!

I truly hope that all of us are able to find the blessings over these upcoming months.

Much Love,


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