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The Magic Of Scorpio Season 🖤

Scorpio season is upon us! Hold up though, there’s so much going on and we have strong cosmic tides as we move throughout October.

Mercury and Pluto are now direct (see below posts for more details). Hint: inner insight and wisdom has likely come through for you in one or more areas. This can be a subtle and internal process, or something of the external manifestation.

Remember: this will vary based upon your unique astrology!

The energy is palpable and electrifying; there is a lot of good here but as always, we must to be open to recognizing the magic🪄.

Speaking of magic and manifestation: we have a very special alignment that occurs on October 22nd. You are going to want to mark your calendar for this one!

Around 5:17 PM ET- Venus the planet of love, beauty, abundance and finances will be traveling through the very last degrees of Libra . Venus is exalted in Libra, she is at the height of her power here.

Libra is THE sign of relationships. Libra speaks to balance, harmony, justice.

Venus and the Sun will align at 29° 26′ of Libra This is where Venus has her Cazimi moment, her superior conjunction. If you recall, Mercury did this as well back on 9/22.

Why exactly, is this so special?

When planets pass through the heart of the Sun they are illuminated and enhanced by the energy of the Sun. Spiritually speaking, that which these planets stand for and represent, becomes much more significant for us.

This is the perfect time to set some intentions and the more specific you are? The more likely it is to come to fruition!

Remember: Venus areas are most enhanced here.

Are you looking to increase your financial status? Think about what it takes to get you there, then step aside and give it to the universe.

Are you looking for that amazing and healthy romantic relationship? Set some intentions and step aside! Remember: self-love comes first, and that also fall’s under lovely Venus’s domain…after all, we must love ourselves to accept another’s love.

Does this mean it is all rainbows and gumdrops? Of course not!

Soon after this auspicious dance of Venus and The Sun, they both move into the deep waters of Scorpio where they will swim for some weeks.

10/23 officially begins Scorpio season! Happy birthday to all of the Scorpio souls out there, it is your season.

When we are dealing with Scorpio energy, we are called inward to look at our own shadow material.

Scorpio demands that we get raw and real.

Questions to ponder under this energy: where are we holding ourselves back? What behaviors may be preventing us from obtaining that which we truly desire? Do we need to explore some deeper areas of our psyche? Are we carrying trauma in our bodies, in our hearts, in our soul? What is keeping us from genuine, authentic connection?

Two key words under Scorpio season are recognition and renewal.

Let us not forget that there are certain times that what we want is not actually what is best for our soul, so we must remain open! Pssst…check out this post on the manifestation process . I go into detail about manifestation and karma.

10/23 also has Saturn stationing direct, and Juno. All of this happening around the same time pulls a lot of focus onto matters of the heart. *I go into this in much more detail in the above video.

We have a powerful New Moon in Scorpio on 10/25, and it’s lined up with Venus. Work with this energy if you feel comfortable, set some intentions. This is a partial Solar Eclipse, and potent energy!

More on this to follow.

Much Love,


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elaine berkeley
elaine berkeley
1 year ago

Thanks so much for this months news letter and video as it was very informative and help and I will be setting my intentions at 5:17 and through the 26 minutes.

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