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Uh -Oh- Mercury Is About To Go Retro- Along With Venus, Jupiter AND Saturn, OH MY! With Reading..

Happy Saturday!

There’s another cosmic S%&T STORM about to go down, so hang on to your sanity as tight as you can!  For real, it’s not that bad but like I always say- there is always a divine order to the madness and forewarned is forearmed! ?  As of 4/9, we are under the influence of four retrograde planets!


Mercury, our planet of communication and ruler of all electronics and travel goes retrograde (backwards) from Taurus to Aries starting 4/9-5/3.  This particular aspect is talked about the most in astrology and for good reason: we all start to notice it’s effects like it or not!  It also happens four times per year.  This is universal, felt by everyone. Basically what this means is that all of the areas that Mercury governs do not play by the normal rules at this time.  So communication, travel, electronics of all forms especially computers, tend to not function optimally at this time and with many snafus occurring .  Mail tends to get delayed or just does not end up at its intended destination!  *Pay extra attention to these areas at this time to avoid any potential turmoil and all should be well. See, not so bad!  Our card and message for the Mercury Retro is the Magician.


                     The Magician is Numero Uno of The Tarot, The Major Arcana

The Magician is ruled by the planet Mercury (HA)!  With this card and the timing of it , under this particular retrograde, communication is the name of the game.  Knowing what to say, how to say it , and when to say it will be the most crucial at this time.  You may find yourself saying things you will wish you can take back if you are not careful.  Truly think before you speak!  Sensitivity is abound  and you do not want to complicate your emotional world.  For some people, you may experience a hoarseness in your throat, with the need to constantly clear it.  This is your throat chakra getting ready to speak some truths- to communicate.  As long as you stay in your light, all will be well.  * The astrological signs that Mercury and the Magician rule are Gemini and Virgo.  

Keep in mind though, we are still in Venus Retrograde until 4/15!  Venus is the planet that rules love and finances (scroll back a few posts and you can read about that). Our card for the time of Venus Retrograde has been and will continue to be, The Empress.


                                         Card Number Three, The Empress                                  

The Empress is all about abundance, bringing things to fruition.  She’s a Goddess, after all.  An earth mama, bringing the spiritual to the physical plane.  The Empress is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and finances.  As we are still under the influence of Venus retrograde, love and money are still under scrutiny.  The Empress is here to ask us: what have we been doing in these areas over the past few weeks?  Have we learned any lessons?  Are we feeling differently?  Ready to make some changes?  Spiritually? Physically?  Emotionally?  She’s here today to bring us the promise of new beginnings, it’s a new season for growth and change.  Once Venus goes back into Pisces, we can breathe a sigh of relief.   Just a few more weeks, 4/15 we are out!  Venus does not like to be in Aries.* The astrological signs that Venus and The Empress rule are Taurus and Libra.  

Saturn – our “teacher” planet, the planet of Karma- is also retrograde beginning 4/6 and lasts all the way until 8/26!   Saturn can really kick some karmic ass and whenever it is retrograde: take heart.  This is a time for deep soul searching.  A time to assess and figure out what needs to change, and implement these changes once Saturn turns direct. Since Saturn is referred to as “Lord Karma”, consider the retro period a double-dose of karma!  Any wrong doings might come back to haunt you, but only if you choose not to learn from them and correct them going forward.  There’s opportunity here for tremendous soul growth by not repeating past patterns and mistakes.  Likewise, with any and all good you do, you may just receive a nice-golden-karma- nugget when Saturn goes direct! Not too shabby, eh?  Our card for the Saturn Retrograde is The Devil.


                                           Card Number Fifteen, The Devil

The Devil is all about the karmic baggage we are carrying around, what we feel tied and bound to.  These can be patterns or physical things, addictions.  As Saturn is the planet of karma and it rules the Devil, need I say more?  During this time of the retrograde, sit back and reflect.  If you are unhappy with yourself or your patterns, under this astrological influence you should be feeling the need to re-evaluate and break the ties that bind you.  You are strong and you are powerful enough to break free.  If there are things you need to say or do, put your thoughts and words into action.  *The astrological sign that Saturn and The Devil rule is Capricorn.

Lastly- we have Jupiter which is also retrograde from 2/7-6/10.  Jupiter is the planet of abundance , expansion and luck.  Fate, if you will.  When Jupiter is retrograde, it urges us to go inward- to seek out our spiritual truths, our philosophies on life and our beliefs.  It is time to find the deeper meaning in all aspects of our lives.  This is a time when we should slow down and take stock.  Once Jupiter goes direct, it’s a better time to take some chances and some risks.  Our card for Jupiter retrograde is The Wheel Of Fortune.


                                       Card Number Ten, Wheel Of Fortune

The Wheel Of Fortune is all about fate. Magic.  The Wheel turns, but where does it stop?  Nobody knows.  Anything can happen under the influence of The Wheel, and also, the influence of Jupiter!  So with Jupiter retrograde anything can happen!  Be prepared for the unexpected as you try and navigate any and all opportunities that come to you at this time.  Do not be hasty!  As long as you are taking the time to really think things through, and identifying your feelings along the way, you will have a more clear perspective on where and how to move forward.  Do not be surprised if opportunities fall in your lap at this time!  Make sure to read the fine print and you will enjoy the benefits of Jupiter.

As I have been telling everyone, we are under some very sensitive times.  It is not selfish to take care of yourself.  If you do not take the time to do self-maintenance, you WILL burn out!  Everyone is feeling pressure in different ways, and trying to be “perfect” will only bring you inner turmoil.  Embrace YOU in all of your messy glory!  

Stay Well!

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Much Love,


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