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Virgo Season Starts Today! Prioritize And Organize

Today 8/23 the Sun leaves the playful and gregarious sign of Leo and enters the down-to-earth, organized sign of productivity, Virgo.

Happy Birthday to all of the Virgos of the zodiac ♍️!

When ever the center of our universe (Sun) switches signs, the mood and tone changes considerably.

Where Leo lit the fire in our hearts, Virgo is the sign where we plan to make it happen.

Virgo season is where we sort and restructure, priorities are the main focus.

This is not a time of ‘all work and no play’.  This is a time where we make room for play, but are much more driven to get on track and get the work done first…then we can play.

Virgo is a mutable earth sign, meaning changeable and adaptable (mutable) yet very grounded and practical, productive (earth). 

Virgo likes results.

Less talk, more action under Virgo season.

This is the time where we feel compelled to clean our homes, a time to declutter our space emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The positive side of this sign-  they are neat, orderly, intelligent and practical.  Virgos enjoy healthy mental debates that keep their sharp minds engaged.  They are brutally honest and they will not lie to make you feel good.

Ruled by planet Mercury, all Virgos are communicators in some fashion and likely very good at getting their point across. 

The shadow side of Virgo –  they can be extremely fussy, obsessive-compulsive, critical, and nit-picky.  This sign can lean towards self-righteousness in thinking that their way is the only way and that they are always right.

Virgos can appear aloof and emotionally detached as they prefer to rationalize how to change something as opposed to why they feel a certain way.

Often times with this sign, an irritable nervous tension can exist from all of their mental energy.

Positively and negatively, their minds are always churning.

The Tarot Card that Virgo rules is number 9 , IX ‘The Hermit”

The number 9 (nine)  is the number of the spiritual warrior, the solitary one.

The Hermit is also solitary.  At this time of the Hermit,  is the time where we go within to seek spiritual solace.

Perhaps we need to light our own path at the moment away from others.

Perhaps we need to be by ourselves to avoid any outside noise and interference as we seek the truth, our truth about where we are on our journey.

It is time to get real with ourselves first, then we can get real with others.

The Hermit is here (as is Virgo season) to remind us that

Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation – Rumi

It is in our silence, when we go within, that we find our answers.

For the next four weeks we may feel like the Hermit, but what is really happening is that we are setting the stage.

Virgo season means business, and it is time to be productive and proactive.

We are seeking, then we can move forward.

Not only is the Sun in Virgo, but Mars, Venus and Mercury as well!  More on this energy coming up soon….

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