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Ways To Keep Your Personal Channel From Having Too Much Static…On The Air Tonight, How To Keep Your Energy Clear

What. Is. She. Talking. About ?  You may wonder….so read on….

First off, join me tonight at 7:30 PM EST, on WVOX 1460 AM Radio, where we ‘Get Grounded’- mind, body and soul.  This link will enable you to listen online

Tonight I have a special guest- blogger and co-author of a best selling cookbook (and other books as well), Alessandra Macaluso.  The link to the book we are discussing is right here, What A Good Eater.

* I have a special give away as well- the first person to book a session with me after tonights show, will simply use the one-time code, ‘Cookbook’ and you will receive a FREE copy of this amazing book.  The code will only work for one person, so once it’s redeemed you will not be able to proceed with the coupon.  *You can still schedule your session, but it will say that the coupon is no longer valid for the book.

Back to our personal channels….

So- all of us operate at a different frequency, giving off a unique energy.  Everything is energy.  You want to keep your energy clean and clear, as it makes such a major difference in every area of our lives.

Life is tough- and the more you are in a clearer head space, and the more you are doing your soul-work, the higher your vibration is- and this starts from a very young age.

When your vibration or your ‘personal channel’  is clear and open to receiving and communicating, it keeps things running more smoothly both physically and emotionally.


Think about this: it has been scientifically proven that 93% of all communication is non-verbal!  That means that only 7% of all communication is actually conscious communication!  Out of the 93%,  55% of it is through body language, while 38% is through tone of voice.  So to deduce this even further, 93% of the time  we are actually communicating through our energy, our vibration, without even being aware of it !

Our Energy Introduces Us Before We Even Speak

Knowing that, it helps to be aware of  some of the best ways to keep your channel as clear and open as possible, so you do not give off  ‘stink vibes’ , as I like to say 😉

With the work that I do, it is imperative that I do everything  I can to keep my channel as clear and as open as possible, to be able to deliver guidance and information to and through, your channel.  Make sense?

Tonight we are discussing the ways in which we can do that…

Below are the major ones that I find to be necessary, and keep me raised at a higher vibration or frequency, most of the time.  We will discuss these in more detail during tonights show, so be sure to tune in!

Sleep– super important, which is why it is first on my list.   I was always a night-owl up until about five years ago.  I could easily have gotten by on as little as four /five hours sleep, and my daily performance would not be affected at all.  Now, however?  I need a solid eight- hours, or I feel that I do not function at my best.

The more rested you are, the more clear-headed you are.  I don’t think I need to prove that as I’m sure we have all been there:  sleep deprivation sucks, plain and simple.  We make more mistakes when we are tired, we screw up, we are irritable and edgy on less sleep.

Meditation–  I began this practice religiously about four years ago, and I have not missed a day likely since, even if only able to squeeze five minutes in!  This practice can be as simple as walking outside barefoot in the grass for five minutes every day, or sitting on a pillow in your home or office with your eyes closed and some relaxing music.  Let your soul guide you, but do it!    I cannot tell you how many of my clients have begun this at my urging and have reported a major difference in their well-being! The busier you are , the more you need it, so that’s no excuse!

Reiki-  or “Chakra Balancing”- (I am a Reiki master/practitioner if you are interested you can read more about it here).  Basically, this is an energy clearing.  We have seven major energy centers throughout our body called chakras.  Chakras periodically become blocked, energy gets stuck and needs to be balanced and pushed out.  Doing this even once every couple of months is so beneficial.  Clients report feeling more centered, clearer and lighter,  as toxins leave their body both during and after a Reiki Session.

Exercise And Drink More Water- we all know the benefits of exercise.  Be like Nike and just. do. it.  Walk, hike, bike, yoga- whatever- but get moving and drink your water!  The water flushes out all the toxins and supports all of your major organs.

Take Salt Baths-  Epsom Salt, Magnesium, Sea Salt (You can purchase these at any health food store)  Salt  helps to wash away the day, the energy of the day , and is very good for your skin and muscles as well!

And the most important which is the premise of tonights show- is what we feed our bodies on a daily basis.  That’s right- the foods we consume will either raise our vibration or lower it.  Eating more clean helps clean up your energy……plain and simple.

Be sure to tune in tonight at 7:30 to hear more….

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