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Welcome Cancer Season- And Happy Summer Solstice!

Happy Birthday Cancer!  It’s also ‘Officially’ Summer Today- So Happy Summer Solstice!

The Solstice happens today at 12:24 AM, EST.  This is our longest day of the year, and it’s the time when the Sun shines its brightest and moves right into the sign of Cancer.  The Summer Solstice represents a time of fresh starts and new beginnings.

This is a time of transformation.  Deep transformation- stepping into your truth and becoming your true, authentic self.  This does not always feel comfortable, so even though at this time we may be feeling ‘ready’ in several different areas, there still may be a level of fear attached.  We are all being asked to let go and trust.


Today, 6/21, the Sun shifts from charismatic and lively Gemini into the warm and relaxing sign of Cancer.  The Sun will stay in Cancer until 7/22 .  This shift brings with it a sense of completion. Closing one chapter and finally being ready to write the next one.

*If your rising sign falls in Cancer, this bodes true for you as well.  If your Moon sign is Cancer, this is especially  for you as the moon is our heart and emotion in our chart, and Cancer is ruled by the moon- making you ultra sensitive!  You can find the rest of your chart by using a free service such as

The sign of  Cancer falls under the element of water.  The water signs of the zodiac are quite sensitive and mysterious, much like the ocean itself.  These signs are deep-they can either be refreshing, or they can drown you in their depths!  Security is very important to the water signs.  (Pisces and Scorpio are our other two Water signs).

Cancer is the sign of our soul and our emotional well-being.  These people feel more than they think, often leaving them feeling misunderstood.  Emotion rules logic most times with this sign.  As such, at this time of the year, we are likely feeling much more emotional and compassionate.

Cancer is warm, perceptive, protective and wait- oh yeah- sensitive!  Cancers are the nurturers of the zodiac.  They care fiercely about their ‘people’ and are very careful of others feelings, but are even more careful and protective of their own feelings.  When they are angry or feel slighted, this Crab retreats right back into its shell, likely not without striking you first though!

Cancer is a cardinal sign, meaning it’s the introductory sign to its season.  Summer.  The feeling under this zodiac sign is typically warm, calm and inviting.  We feel ‘chill’ under this sign and at home.  You may find yourself in fact, wanting to be nesting more under the sign of cancer than any other time of the year!

The Crab represents the sign of Cancer, and as such,  Cancers can be quite, well, crabby! They cannot really help this as they are ruled by the moon, after all!

Cancer is ruled by the Moon with its ever changing tides.  As the moon shifts into a different sign every two 1/2 days, so do a Cancers moods!  Yes, the crabs can be, and typically are, ever-so- moody.  Often vacillating from happy, to sad, to angry- all within moments!  They can get hurt very easily as well due to their hyper-sensitivity so tread lightly with the crabs in your life.

cancer cancer

Strengths of this sign:  persuasive, imaginative, loyal, emotional, intuitive, sympathetic, artistic

Weaknesses of this sign: moody, pessimistic, insecure, manipulative (usually harmless to get their way), suspicious

Much like the sign of Cancer, under the time of Cancer we are forced to confront what does not work, and try to let go.  This is a difficult feat for most crabs, but necessary.

When the crab does get to the place where ‘enough is enough’, they are very done.  That is how we will feel under this Cancerian influence!  It’s time to clean house with those projects (this can include people) in our lives that we feel are no longer bearing fruit.  As hard as this can be, it is ever so necessary.  As we are all feeling more sensitive and in tune under the sign of cancer as well, (and lets not forget neptune retrograde) it’s important to remain as empathetic as possible not only to others, but most importantly, to ourselves!  Nurture yourself, as you cannot pour from an empty cup.

         In the Tarot, Cancer  rules our Major Arcana card- Number 7- ‘The Chariot’


Number Seven , also representative of our seventh month, July.  The time of Cancer.

The Chariot is moving, but moving at a controlled pace.  The Chariot knows that slow and steady wins the race.  In order to achieve full progress, you must not go full steam ahead at this time.  Take the time to move slowly, assess your surroundings, and be careful not to make any rash moves.  The end of a cycle is near, and a new turning point is about to begin.  Take the time to absorb everything while making big decisions and changes.  See the big picture as the universe is truly supporting you and wants you to succeed.

You are that much closer to achieving your goal(s), to getting what you want.  There might be a bit of a struggle to get there, you may have to fall down a few times, but you will get there!  Victory after some strife, uncertainties will lift.  Emotionally, all is well under the time of cancer- surrender and acceptance are the name of the game.

We are under some heavy times energetically, and a lot of you have been writing to me about how you are feeling, trying to process it all.  Just know that you are not losing it! There is a lot going on ‘out there’ and guess what?  It will and it does affect you on the soul level.  The more sensitive you are the more you will feel this!  Don’t hesitate to contact me if you feel you need another ‘tune-up’ or if you have questions.  

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