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Welcome September! Mercury Stations Direct And The Influence Of Neptune..

Happy September!

Let’s talk about where the planets are right now, and what you can expect.

Forewarned is forearmed, and when you know what’s going on ‘up-there’ it truly helps you navigate ‘down here’.

Work with the energy, not against it and all will be well.


We are in the time of Virgo, where earth energy abounds.

Most of the planets have shifted from fire energy (leo) into earth energy (virgo).

Normally this brings a level of common sense and practicality, looking before we leap, setting facts straight, etc.

Unfortunately, the energy is primed to feel anything but grounded this month.

Well…..not entirely true!

If you are an artist of sorts, a highly spiritual person or even a mystic, than this is a good month filled with opportunity due to some high spiritual energy that planet Neptune is bringing in.

There is a lot of inspiration by what we feel versus what we see and hear.  This is Neptune.

If you are a very pragmatic person that appreciates the natural order and rhythm of life, well, you may be sourly disappointed as Neptune can cloud things and bring a sense of disillusionment.


Let’s discuss the semi-challenging aspects first.

Most of the planets are also opposing Neptune right now, including the Sun.

Neptune in astrology, is referred to as the “God Of The Sea”.

Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and represents inspiration, psychic receptivity, confusion and illusion.

Where Neptune is present, there is bound to be some level of confusion.

Oh, and by the way, Neptune has been retrograde since 6/16 and will not move direct again until 11/22!

In simplest terms, this means that Neptune’s influence is exacerbated ten-fold right now.

Navigating through murky waters and using your inner compass to guide the way is the name of the game this month.

On the positive side, Mercury stations direct in Virgo today, 9/5- and Mars falls right behind as it shifts into Virgo.


This means that things are beginning to move along again.  

We do not feel as stuck, and there’s a noticeable planetary sigh of relief.  For now.

Mercury is the ‘Messenger of The Gods’.

Mercury rules communication and travel- computers and all technology.

You will notice that these areas of your life are clearing up at this time.

Communication with others seems less spotty, travel delays lift, and your phone and computer begin to love you again.  This is Mercury direct.

Mercury moving forward is bringing us some slight reprieve.

Still, watch your words and actions as emotions are high.  Think before you speak and especially before you act!

Be kind, be vigilant- pay attention.

Wednesday, tomorow,  9/6 we have a Full Moon in sensitive and dreamy Pisces. Remember all this Neptune!

Try and stay in reality as it will be easy to create a false one right now.  Be back tomorrow with a New Moon read.

Stay well my friends.

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Love & Light,


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